Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Giving Her A Surprise

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As she thought about her younger sister, Yun Bixue’s heart was brimming with energy. “Didn’t you once ask me how I managed to stay true to myselfhow I grew up in an environment like the Yun family? It was because of my grandfather and younger sister. In particular, my younger sister was the warmest source of strength in my heart.”

“Yes.” Young Master Xie quietly patted Yun Bixue’s back. When she needed him, he would always accompany her and listen to her words.

He could imagine the scenes of the two sisters relying on each other in the past.

“In junior high, my younger sister was in a rebellious phase. Whenever she returned home and saw Old Lady Shen and Yang Siru scowling at me, or chiding me, she would seek justice and frequently get into arguments. One time, she pushed Old Lady Shen down. That Old Witch Shen purposely got hospitalized to frame my younger sister. In order to protect her, Grandfather and I could only send her overseas.”

As she spoke, Yun Bixue abruptly paused. Her voice was now choked with sobs, and her tears trickled down. She couldn’t continue speaking.

Xie Limo caressed her head. Lowering his head, he kissed away her tears one by one. “Enough, stop talking. You’ll see your younger sister very soon. You should be happy. She’ll feel upset if she sees you crying.”

“Yes, you’re right.” With Xie Limo’s warm comfort, Yun Bixue held down her emotions.

Regardless of how many years had passed, she would always remember that scene when she sent her younger sister overseas. Standing outside the airport at that time, her younger sister looked so small. She hugged Yun Bixue and bawled, “Elder Sister, I’ll be obedient! I won’t leave, I don’t want to go overseas! If I leave, they’ll keep bullying you Boohoo Elder Sister, I beg you. Don’t ask me to go, don’t send me overseas”

At the time, she bit on her lips firmly. She forced herself to remain resolute. She also couldn’t bear to part, but if her younger sister didn’t leave, Old Witch Shen would tarnish her reputation, or even try to discipline her.

In the end, she tried her best to persuade her younger sister by promising to visit her. Her younger sister then boarded the plane. Just before she boarded, she added, “Elder Sister, wait for me to grow up. When I’m capable enough, I’ll definitely beat up those people until they cry for mercy.”

“Yes, I will wait for my little sister to grow up.” It was precisely because of her younger sister’s words that Yun Bixue had constantly worked hard and persevered, all while waiting for her sister to grow up.

In the blink of an eye, so many years had passed. Her younger sister was already 17 years old. In order to prevent people from focusing on her younger sister, she dared not mention her younger sister to anyone.

She was grateful that Xie Limo was accompanying her on this trip.

After alighting from the plane, Yun Bixue stretched out both her arms. She inhaled deeply and happily spun around. “Country E, I’m here!”

The plane landed at an airport quite close to Noel Harlem University.

Looking at the people who had specially come to pick them up, Yun Bixue was rather puzzled. Did the Xie family also have subordinates in Country E?

Shortly after, they arrived outside the school. Noel Harlem University was the top university in Country E, ranking within the top ten universities internationally. All the notable figures from every country would rack their brains trying to send their children to this school.

Even so, the entrance examinations for Noel Harlem University were extremely strict. Back then, she was still worried. However, little did she expect that her younger sister would study hard in high school in Country E. Her grades were adequate, and she had passed the university entrance examinations. With a scholarship, she was now self-reliant. Yun Bixue would always send her money, but her younger sister would constantly dissuade her. “Elder Sister, I can earn money for myself. You keep that money and keep yourself pretty. If you can find an amazing husband who’ll pamper you, then I can rest assured.”

Xie Limo looked at the extremely crowded school gates, and he was somewhat perplexed. “Is your little sister not out yet?”

“I didn’t tell her I was coming. Let’s look for her and give her a surprise.”