Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Younger Sister's Balloting Speech

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How could she allow her little sister to suffer this hardship? Didn’t her little sister always say that she was living well? What happened to the money that she gave her? Did she not spend it?

Realizing that Yun Bixue’s expression had darkened, Xiao Huan stuck out her tongue and said in a self-reprimanding manner, “Elder Sister Bixue, you don’t have to worry. In fact, Bilu is very hardworking. Aside from earning her scholarship, she also receives financial aid for needy students. On top of attending classes, she also works part-time to earn money. She’s really diligent, and she doesn’t want you to worry.”

Yun Bixue seemed absent-minded as she asked, “Is she having a difficult time?” She recalled that the last time she came, her younger sister had mentioned the branded clothes she bought. Bilu had been eating well, and even treated her to an expensive meal.

Xiao Huan waved her hand and answered, “Bilu’s life is much more fulfilling and colorful than ours. To her, striving for wealth is neither meaningful nor valuable. She’s won many scholarships from the school.”

After Yun Bixue’s repeated hounding, Xiao Huan divulged everything. Every time her older sister came, Yun Bilu would always borrow branded clothes and shoes, and she would intentionally take her out for a meal. It was because she didn’t want Yun Bixue to find out the truth.

As Yun Bixue listened, her tears fell in self-reproach. Her younger sister truly made her heart ache.

“Oh no, Elder Sister Bixue, please stop crying! If Bilu finds out that you cried, she’ll tear this room apart!” Xiao Huan knew that Bilu’s bottom line was her older sister. This was awful; she even regretted spilling the beans now.

Yun Bixue wiped her tears and asked, “Xiao Huan, tell Elder Sister. Where is Bilu giving her balloting speech?”

Xiao Huan replied blankly, “It’s in the Level-1 meeting room at Building 3.”

Right as Xiao Huan completed her sentence, Yun Bixue immediately bolted out of the room.

Xiao Huan watched Yun Bixue from behind and blinked her eyes twice in admiration.Wow, that was so cool and amazing! That speed and strengthshe’s truly a skilled master!

Xiao Huan clutched her heart and felt dazed. After regaining her composure, she stamped her feet. She realized that things had gone awry and frantically put on her coat. She didn’t even have time to change her shoes. Putting on her slippers, she darted to Building 3.

Yun Bixue completely forgot about Young Master Xie who was waiting in the dormitory’s meeting room. The only thought in her mind was locating her younger sister.

She asked around and arrived at the entrance of the Level-1 meeting room in Building 3. A horde of students had gathered outside, and all of them were dressed luxuriously.

“Is Bilu that poor?”

“She’s overestimating herselfshe even tried to come onto our Young Master Huang. Look at what she’s wearing. Even if she sells it on the streets, no one would buy it.”

“You should all stop being sour grapes. Bilu obtained everything she has through her own means. She’s never depended on her family. Can you say the same? Plus, she has the courage to openly love and hate. You guys always wish for loveyou don’t have the guts to take action and chase someone. In the end, you only know how to make sarcastic remarks.”

“That’s right. Who in Noel Harlem University doesn’t sincerely respect Bilu? She’s hardworking and resilient, and she even dares to woo Young Master Huang. Ahh, my idol!”

Yun Bixue overheard someone speaking ill of her younger sister. She swept a cold glance over these students by the entrance.

Many of them instantly felt their surroundings become chilly. Shivering, they then noticed the formidable Yun Bixue. This unfamiliar woman’s aura was imposing. They had never seen her before.

Yun Bixue looked scornfully at the crowd and walked inside. However, there were students guarding the door. “I’m sorry, fellow student. If you’re not one of the class leaders or in the student union, you’re not allowed to enter!”

Left without a choice, Yun Bixue could only listen in from the outside. The more she heard, the more she wanted to faint.

She could only hear her younger sister making a speech on the podium inside. “My grandfather was loving, but he married a wicked step-grandmother who’s even craftier than a witch. The little sum of money that my family left was also stolen away by that old witch. Also, my parents are gone”

“My most beloved elder sister is constantly being bullied”