Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Bilu And Young Master Huang

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Yun Bilu looked at the president of the student union, Huang Yize, who sat at the back of the meeting room. She watched how he didn’t even raise his head, and pouted as she unhappily continued the ‘miserable’ background story of her Yun family.

“My youngest uncle is very cowardly, and my youngest aunt would demand money every day. She would go home to yell and beat up my elder sister and me My elder sister is very thin, and that’s because she never had any proper meals or warm clothes. She constantly gets reprimanded In our family, we also have a vicious female cousin who pretends to be kind and gentle. She only acts delicate to receive sympathy Thus, I want to apply as a needy student. I cannot become a burden to my elder sister.”

Yun Bilu spoke boldly and confidently. Through the story that she relayed, she was totally a reproduction of Cinderella!

Accompanying her speech, some members of the student union laughed, while others sighed.

As Yun Bixue listened, she was both angry and upset. She had always wanted to protect her little sister and didn’t want her to suffer an ounce of hardship. Each year, she would send Bilu an adequate sum of money, yet Yun Bilu It really made Yun Bixue livid.

Yun Bixue was choked with emotions, and she tried to contain herself.

A deep and charming voice called out from inside. “Yun Bilu, you use the same speech every year!”

Yun Bilu heard Huang Ziye speak to her, and she replied elatedly, “It’s because my family is exactly as described. I can’t possibly make up a new family story just to apply as a needy student, can I? My Yun family is just like that. That’s why I say the same things every year.”

Someone snickered. It was unclear who started giggling, but many others joined in the laughter.

Huang Yize supported his head with one hand, rubbing the middle of his brows resignedly. With his right hand, he marked a tick on the application form.

After the final voting, Yun Bilu passed with no issues. She could continue to receive this year’s needy students’ sponsorship.

Yun Bixue suddenly realized that she couldn’t be impulsive. She wanted to see how her little sister lived her daily life, and thus, she silently slipped away from the crowd.

After the meeting concluded, the class leaders and members of the student union left the meeting room one by one. A few of them even chatted with Yun Bilu with a smile.

“Yun Bilu, great performance!”

“Of course, my speech isn’t a joke.”

“But even though your family is so poor, they still managed to raise a lady like you. Amazing!”

“That’s because I have a wonderful elder sister!”

After speaking, Yun Bilu suddenly realized that Huang Yize had already left unknowingly. She lifted her feet and darted outside. Finally, she caught up with Huang Yize at the building’s entrance. Extending her arms, she blocked his path.

Huang Yize looked at Yun Bilu plainly. He frowned and didn’t speak a single word.

Normally, Yun Bilu felt she was brimming with courage, but in front of Huang Yize, she never knew what to say. Scratching her head, she asked, “Um, how was my performance just now?” As she spoke, her eyes twinkled as she looked at Huang Yize.

Huang Yize looked at the clear and pure expression in Yun Bilu’s eyes. A flirtatious glint flashed across his dark eyes. He simply replied, “You’ve already passed.”

Yun Bilu pouted. He wasn’t answering her question again. Displeased, she continued, “Hey, I’m not asking about that. If my performance was great, shouldn’t you reward me, and treat me to a meal?”

Huang Yize crossed his arms and looked deeply at Yun Bilu. In the end, he was still defeated by Yun Bilu’s ways, and he lowered his head. He was simply too tall, and she had to stretch her neck to look at him.

Just as Yun Bilu raised her head, Huang Yize walked past her and left.

After Yun Bilu snapped out of her shock, she clasped her hands together. Motivating herself, she muttered, “Bilu, you must persist and try harder. Never bow down to difficulties.”

Suddenly, Xiao Huan ran over, and she shouted from afar, “Bilu, oh no, oh no, your elder sister is here”

Due to her anxiety, Xiao Huan’s voice reverberated around the entire building’s entrance. Almost everyone around them could hear it.