Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 233

Chapter 233 The Sisters Meet

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Upon hearing her words, Yun Bilu lunged forward and grabbed Xiao Huan. “What did you say? You said that my elder sister is here?”

Xiao Huan nodded her head hastily. “Yes, yes”

Xiao Huan sighed and continued, “Bilu, I’m sorry. I told your elder sister about you applying as a needy student”

Yun Bilu instantly scowled, and she shook Xiao Huan forcefully. “Ahhh, how could you tell my elder sister?! Ahhh, I want to strangle you” As she spoke, she placed her hands on Xiao Huan’s neck and started shaking her.

Cough, cough!Bilu, if you continue choking me, I’m going to pass out”

Right at that moment, a crisp and melodious voice rang out, “Yun Bilu!”

Yun Bilu released her grip and turned around. Seeing her elder sister, she instantly rushed over like a kitten and draped herself all over her sister’s body. She leaned against her elder sister’s body, completely like a kitten desperate for affection. “Oh wow, Elder Sister, my dear Elder Sister. I missed you so much! When did you get here? Why didn’t you tell me? I could have picked you up!” As she spoke, she wrapped her arms around her elder sister like an octopus, reluctant to let go.

Yun Bixue truly felt exasperated and resigned. She poked her finger on Yun Bilu’s head. “Tell you so that you can change into your branded clothes and trick your elder sister?”

“No way, I love my elder sister the most! How could I ever trick to you?”

Yun Bixue chuckled, “What a smooth-talker.”

She then said with self-reproach, “Bilu, are you having a difficult time in school? And what’s your relationship with that Young Master Huang?”

“Hey, Elder Sister, let’s go back. Let’s go to my dorm, and I’ll tell you everything, okay?”

No matter how sorry she felt for her little sister, she was also amused by her. Hugging Bilu, the two sisters happily approached the dormitory.

On the contrary, the students around them were astonished.

“Was that Yun Bilu? I didn’t know she could be that well-behaved.”

“Quick, pinch me! My eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, are they? What a shock!”

“Yun Bilu’s clothes are so shabby, but how can her elder sister be so elegant and beautiful? Her aura is so imposing. They look completely different, don’t they?”

“The world is so unpredictable. But, Yun Bilu isn’t too bad herself. She dresses so shabbily, yet it can’t hide her beauty.”

“I know. Her elder sister’s clothes might not be branded, but they look more superior than branded goods. Whether it’s the craftsmanship or design, the top international fashion designer might not possess such standards.”

“Is that true?”

“Why would I lie? My family specializes in personalized top international fashion.”

“Is Yun Bilu deceiving us? What kind of needy student is that? Is she taking us for a ride?”

“Not necessarily. We don’t know the whole truth”

Huang Yize, who had left earlier, instinctively turned back and witnessed that scene. His gaze was dark, and a glint flashed across his eyes.

Ji Zhiye, who was standing next to Huang Yize, fixed his slack-jawed expression and asked, “Young Master Huang, did you see that? That girl turned out to have such a side to her. We’ve only heard her speak about her elder sister, but this is the first time seeing her. They’re indeed a family of beauties!”

As Ji Zhiye spoke, he noticed Huang Yize had already walked away. He hurriedly chased after him and said, “Hey, Young Master Huang, what are you thinking about? That girl keeps chasing you! She’s even tried to ask me about the things that you like”

The voices grew softer as they walked further away. Yun Bixue suddenly thought of Xie Limo. Smacking herself on her head, she said, “Oh no!”

“Elder Sister, what’s wrong?” After seeing her elder sister’s expression, Yun Bilu’s heart immediately grew wary.