Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 236

Chapter 236 The Two Sisters Feed Each Other

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Yun Bixue knew that her younger sister’s interests never lasted long. She had always been like this since a young age.

Seeing how Yun Bixue kept quiet, Yun Bilu asked, “Elder Sister, don’t you believe me? I can do it.” In fact, she had started chasing after Young Master Huang because she grew fond of his capabilities and skills. She thought that it would be great if he was her boyfriend, and they could protect her elder sister together.

However, her pursuit grew unstoppable. She afterward came to realize that she truly thought Young Master Huang was wonderful, and she truly admired him. After that, she openly laid bare her emotions.

Yun Bixue simply smiled and replied resignedly, “Yes, Elder Sister believes in you. You can definitely do it. Just remember: don’t get hurt. You have to love yourself more.”

Yun Bilu suddenly felt embarrassed. Lowering her head, she shyly said, “Gosh, Elder Sister. I haven’t even started dating him yet.”

Xie Limo observed the affectionate interactions between the two sisters. He simply couldn’t imagine that under such an environment, the Yun family could still bring up two sisters with such personalities.

In particular, the younger sisterYun Biluhad such a unique temperament so unlike those many socialites and young ladies from noble families. She was just like an expanse of spring watersprightly and full of vitality.

However, perhaps it was only through this way that the two sisters had survived well.

The three of them arrived at the dormitory’s reception area. The two sisters exchanged intimate secrets, and Xie Limo listened quietly by the side.

Yun Bixue frequently broke into cheerful laughter. Her face looked content and radiant. As Xie Limo watched her, he felt exceptionally at peace.

For his wife’s happiness, he should also help protect her younger sister.

As he pondered, Xie Limo fished out an electronic device. He sent a message to the Xie family’s system in Country E, and the fifth leader of the Xie family received the message immediately. He replied at once and set off.

Within the blink of an eye, Yun Bilu was placed under the protection of the Xie family. Many individuals had also been assigned to Noah Harlem University. They each assumed different roles to protect Yun Bilu in the dark.

It was almost time for lunch. Yun Bilu suggested bringing her elder sister and brother-in-law out for a meal. Thinking that her younger sister usually skimped and saved, Yun Bixue shook her head and answered, “I haven’t seen your school’s dining hall yet. Let’s eat there.”

During that time, there were many people having their meals. As the three of them approached the dining hall, they instantly attracted the curiosity of countless students. They were just like the most breathtaking scenery, and the onlookers couldn’t shift their gazes away.

The two sisters walked arm-in-arm and chatted, simply not paying attention to anyone else. They ordered four dishes, a soup, and also three servings of rice. Each dish was served in hefty portions.

It was also very economical.

Yun Bixue was slightly taken aback. Yun Bilu exclaimed, “Elder Sister, I have the tag of a needy student. This stall offers a twenty percent discount!”

Yun Bixue felt dizzy. She had never seen her younger sister like this before. She was so cheerful even as a needy student.

“Let’s go, Elder Sister. Let Brother-in-Law have a taste of the food from our dining hall.” They took two plates to eat fromone was for Xie Limo, and the other was shared by the two sisters.

After taking a seat, the two sisters began taking turns feeding each other. They were so sweet, completely unbothered by the watching crowd’s opinions.

The dining hall that was initially bustling with noise turned absolutely silent within an instant. The entire hall stared at the two women in bewilderment.

The crowd was initially not familiar with Yun Bilu, but she was simply too well-known. She got into frequent fights and was a needy student. She ranked second academically in the school and received large amounts of scholarship funds. She was second only to Young Master Huang.

In addition, what caused an uproar in school was her pursuit of Young Master Young. She was unaffected by any setbacks and continued to persevere.

After this series of events occurred, it was impossible for people not to recognize her.

Thus, the moment she appeared, she became the center of attention.

“That That’s Yun Bilu?” Some students were stunned, watching the scene while they ate in the dining hall. Soup spilled from their spoons, but they had yet to realize.