Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Attacking Furiously

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“Are you sure you’re not seeing wrong?”

“Didn’t she like Young Master Huang and went after him like crazy? Was she rejected so hard that she now prefers women?”

“That can’t be!”

“Look at that handsome man sitting next to them. Wow, he’s too charming and attractive. His looks are perfectly drop-dead gorgeous”

“Tsk, what kind of adjectives are those? You’re looking down on my idol”

“What idol? Didn’t you used to say that Young Master Huang was your idol?”

Despite restraining his aura and seemingly emitting no presence, other people still noticed him in an instant. He was so flawless that it was difficult to ignore him.

Some courageous students hurriedly pulled out their small mirrors to tidy up their appearances. They threw away the meal that they were currently having and reordered a new set. They approached Xie Limo and asked flirtatiously, “Student, there’s no one sitting here, right?”

Xie Limo lifted his head and exuded an air of coldness. This iciness felt suffocating, and the three female students even shuddered.

Yun Bilu was in the middle of enjoying her elder sister’s close attention when she suddenly heard this shrill noise. She raised her head.Sh*t, there’s actually someone seducing her brother-in-law right in front of my elder sister and me! Enough is enough!

Before Yun Bixue could even react in time, Yun Bilu had already thrown a punch. She then added slaps across the faces of the three students.

In a flash, with Yun Bilu’s skillful attacks, the three students were beaten to the ground.

With anger still roiling inside her, Yun Bilu stepped forward and stomped on them several times. “Truly shameless! You’re seducing my brother-in-law right in front of my elder sister and me. I’ll trample you to deathto death! I’m so angry! Are you taking this old lady as invisible? Ahhh”

Yun Bixue’s head throbbed, and she frantically stepped forward to hold Yun Bilu back. “Bilu, enough. Don’t kill her.” Her younger sister calling herself ‘old lady’ was simply too destructive to her image. The surrounding students all watched on.

She was truly afraid that her younger sister had tarnished her reputation.

“Elder Sister, these three wanted to seduce Brother-in-Law. It’s too much!” Yun Bilu pouted. Her elder sister had suffered tremendously, and after much hardship, she finally found someone who spoiled her. No one should ever think of snatching him away.

Yun Bixue gently wiped away Yun Bilu’s tears and pinched her cheeks. Her heart softened, and she said comfortingly, “Enough, those three were only asking a question; they didn’t say anything else. Maybe they didn’t have anywhere else to sit, so they came here.”

Many people were stupefied as they watched. Yun Bilu was too bold. She might be beautiful, but none of her male schoolmates dared to pursue her. Just her skills and her explosive temper were already unbearable.

However, they had never seen this fragile side to her that needed to be sheltered. Was she still Yun Bilu?

Many of the male students felt their protective instincts welling up in their hearts. It was always said that the strongest girls were the most delicate. Plus, they all belonged to royal and affluent families, and naturally didn’t require their ladies to be wealthy. It was all right even if Yun Bilu was poor.

Furthermore, Yun Bilu might be poor, but she was exceptional at gaining wealth.

At this point, Xie Limo stood up. Looking at Yun Bilu, he said, “Fight if you wish to. If someone makes you angry, do the same to them too. You have your brother-in-law backing you up.”

Those words were domineering, and it made Yun Bilu cheer up immediately. “My brother-in-law is so great!”

In the end, the three of themYun Bixue, Xie Limo, and Yun Biluwent out for a meal. No one dared to assist the three female students lying and groaning on the floor.

Everyone began to think that Yun Bilu’s backers might be extraordinarily powerful!

Ji Zhiye, who had been eating in the dining hall, scurried to the dormitory and began relaying the incident to Young Master Huang. “You’ll never guess what happened! Yun Bilu turned out to have such a dainty and delicate side! Tsk, tsk. It’s such a pity that you didn’t get to see it”