Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 238

Chapter 238 A Young Heart

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Young Master Huang was in the middle of planning the school’s events for the new year. Hearing Ji Zhiye’s words, his gaze changed and his hand paused momentarily before continuing to work as though nothing had happened. It was as if the incident had no relation to him at all.

Ji Zhiye spoke without stopping and eventually finished retelling what happened. Feeling dejected, he plopped down on the sofa. “I say, Yize, the most respectable Young Master Huang, can’t you show a little bit of emotion? Can you show some interest? After all, Yun Bilu has tried to ask you out for so long, and she’s never given up. I applaud her courage, to be honest. Although you’ve had people chasing after you in the past, none of them have lasted this long. Even I’m impressed by her”

Ji Zhiye continued talking non-stop but then paused abruptly, as if he suddenly thought of something. “Hey, Young Master Huang! You have no idea. When I saw Yun Bilu behaving so delicately just now, it made my heart grow soft. I guess many of our male schoolmates will start thinking about going after Yun Bilu Hey, what should we do? What if that girl falls for their sweet-talk, and decides not to chase you anymore?”

Just as Ji Zhiye spoke worriedly, Huang Yize finally looked at him. “I’ll be leaving the matters of the New Year’s Party to you.”

Ji Zhiye didn’t dare to continue, and he frantically begged for forgiveness. “No, Young Master Huang! I’m only being anxious for your sake, okay? Don’t let such a unique girlfriend slip away Plus, she’s quite pretty, and not pretentious at all”

“Add on the banquet.”

Ji Zhiye quickly shut his mouth. He wanted to cry but couldn’t shed any tears. He was such a lazy person; wouldn’t he have to work to death? Noel Harlem University was a renowned school in the country, and the school population was large. He needed to attend to the arrangements for each course, and the students were all children of royal families and political dignitaries Thus, he’d be worn out from dealing with every single matter

He wasn’t as capable and orderly like Huang Yize. No matter the number of tasks Huang Yize had to handle for the school, he could always complete them with ease.

Yun Bixue and the other two had their meal outside, with Xie Limo footing the bill. After the meal, the three of them visited the zoo, the botanic garden, and the marine world attraction The two sisters were just like children, and they spent the day playing youthfully.

Xie Limo simply tagged along behind them quietly.

However, he couldn’t comprehend how the two sisters could get so excited over an animal.

“Elder Sister, quick, take a look! It’s an elephant. An elephant!”

“Yes, yes, I saw it! Feed it some bananas. It will love it”

“Elder Sister, what do you think that is?”

“There’s a sign by the side. It seems to be an animal from the deep sea”

“Elder Sister, I want to sit on that pirate ship.”

“Weren’t you afraid to go on one when you were a child? You were so fearless back then, but were only terrified of this.”

“I have my elder sister by my side, right? I need my elder sister’s protection now.”

“Yes, I’ll stay with you”

For the whole afternoon, Xie Limo could hear the two sisters’ cheerful laughter. The more he watched, the more his spirits were lifted uncontrollably. It was as though all his worries had been dispelled.

Yun Bixue felt that just by being together with her younger sister, her body and mind felt livelier and more youthful.

At night, they reserved the poshest presidential suite in the swankiest hotel. It was several hundred square meters, and all the amenities were neatly arranged inside. Based on past traditions, the two sisters would always prepare dumplings to celebrate their reunion.

Tonight’s dinner was no exception.

Xie Limo had wanted to lend a helping hand, but ultimately stayed silent as he didn’t want to interrupt the two sisters. This was a world that belonged only to them.

One of them rolled the dumpling skins flat while the other wrapped it. Within a short while, the dumplings were done and thrown in the pot. Yun Bilu cooked while Yun Bixue tidied up the table.

Xie Limo fetched a towel and gently wiped away the flour on Yun Bixue’s face. “Look. You’re having so much fun. You’ve smudged your face so much, it’s like a spotted kitten.”