Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Night's Kiss

Yun Bixue stared at such a spacious study room and looked around multiple times. A book titled "The Turmoils of the Markets in the Past and Present" sitting on the bookshelf popped up in her line of sight.

Her eyes lit up. This book was no longer available for sale. However, the book was placed rather high up on the shelf.

Yun Bixue glanced at Xie Limo who was currently hard at work. She could only grit her teeth and tiptoe as much as possible.

It was unclear what she had touched. "Bam!" Several books dropped from the bookshelf at once.

Yun Bixue rushed over to catch the falling books, but as she twisted her body, she bumped into the bookshelf and fell over herself.

She shut her eyes tightly, expecting to land on the cold hard floor. Instead, she fell on an unsteady and faintly aromatic soft cushion that was beyond comfortable.

Yun Bixue opened her eyes. Seeing the view before her, her expression turned cold.

She was actually unexpectedly laying on Xie Limo's body. On top of that, at that moment, her lips were coincidentally on his cheek.

A buzz sounded through her head as Yun Bixue blanked out, unable to recall anything. Or rather, she was at a loss of what to do.

With his bright glistening eyes, Xie Limo looked at the lady in his arms. She had fluttery eyelashes, delicate and enticing. Her lips that were touching his cheek were burning hot. His body became involuntarily stiff and his eyes intensely black.

Yun Bixue met Xie Limo's eyes which were glowing faintly. Her heart trembled and she felt as if her soul had been sucked in.

Shortly after, Xie Limo recovered, and the glowing chaos in his eyes receded and turned peaceful. Looking at the girl's horror-stricken expression, he resignedly reached to stroke her hair. "Time to get up, silly."

When Yun Bixue snapped out of it, she frantically stood up in a split second, annoyed at her clumsiness. "Sorry, I..."

Xie Limo picked up the book and then lifted his head to look at its position on the bookshelf. Pointing at the foldable tool at the side, his lips curled up slightly, as gentle as the mild moonlight. "My dear, remember to use that tool the next time."

Hearing the teasing tone in Xie Limo's words, Yun Bixue felt more relaxed and nodded. It was truly embarrassing just now, but also enthralling at that moment, making her heart throb.

The couple sat separately in the study room reading in silence. Despite the lack of conversation, it seemed exceptionally tranquil and serene.

Yun Bixue was instantly absorbed in her read of "The Turmoils of the Markets in the Past and Present," as if she couldn't hear any sound in the world. She paid extra attention to the written markings on the book. The handwriting was scribbled and indistinguishable, simplistic yet secretive. One could not help but be intrigued by it.

In the end, she had unknowingly fallen asleep while reading. When Xie Limo was done, the sight before him was the scene of his sleeping beauty.

In her sleep, she was at peace, much like that day.

Lastly, Xie Limo shut down his computer and rose lightly to carry Yun Bixue in his arms, settling her on their bed.

At this time, Yun Bixue had woken up. It was only because she did not know how to react to the two of them sharing the same bed and especially to the event that would follow. Although she had promised herself to be a good wife, she was honestly not prepared.

When he held her earlier, she could feel a sense of security from his embrace, and also a clean and elegant fragrance emanating from his body. These all illustrated how he was the man of everyone's dreams. Despite that, he had given her hope when she was destitute.

She had no clue what she had to deal with tonight. Although they were already a married couple, there was still some unfamiliarity between them.