Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Engulfing Her On The Bed

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Yun Bixue clutched her bathrobe firmly and stepped back, her heart trembling. She didn’t know why, but her body actually felt heated up at seeing the way Xie Limo was watching her.

Looking at that elegantly flawless and refined face, Yun Bixue swallowed and stuttered, “Well Limo, I I don’t need to compensate for anything right?”

Xie Limo’s eyes gleamed darkly, and he desperately wanted to engulf Yun Bixue and keep her within him. “My dear, what do you think?”

Yun Bixue’s mind spun. She simply couldn’t wrap her head around it.

In the end, when she started to feel dizzy, Limo bent forward and hugged her by her waist. He then strode into the bedroom.

After entering, he closed the door with his foot and threw Yun Bixue on the spacious and soft bed.

Yun Bixue bounced a couple of times on top of the soft mattress. Just as she reached out her hand to get up, a darkly beautiful silhouette abruptly held her down.

Yun Bixue was soon captured by Xie Limo’s passionate kisses, and her hands were firmly secured above her head.

Yun Bixue’s entire body trembled slightly. Having been together for a long time, Xie Limo had grown to understand her body better than she did. He glided his fingers over her skin, making her shudder and moan endlessly.

Within an instant, Yun Bixue’s face turned crimson. Her eyes were drunk with arousal. Her small mouth parted slightly, and she let out little gasps. She was like a flower waiting to be plucked.

Xie Limo watched her in that state and felt extremely enticed. The blood in his heart felt like lava as it boiled intensely. He could only pull her along as they madly indulged in the intensely passionate flames together, burning each other’s minds.

Once the two of them melted together, only then did Yun Bixue feel that all the empty gaps in her heart were completely filled. She felt a sense of happiness blending together inside her. Together with Xie Limo, she floated amidst the clouds and saw an explosion of fireworks as she peaked.

Holding him in her lower body, she squirmed and was endlessly wet. It made Xie Limo refuse to let her go at all.

“My dear, you neglected your husband today!”

Yun Bixue’s mind was blank. It was only afterward, during their intense bout of passion that she slowly realized why. Her husband had actually been jealous, and it was also because of her younger sister!

At that moment, she couldn’t laugh even if she wanted to. She ran out of energy. Even if she had trained her physical fitness, it was incomparable to Xie Limo’s. Each time, he would appear refreshed, but she would sleep through the morning.

On the other hand, Yun Bilu jogged into the dormitory. Although the sky was gradually turning dark, there were street lamps of various colors by the sides. The evening scenery was beautiful. There were also many students carrying their books as they walked past after their evening revision sessions, as well as lovers strolling on the campus.

Yun Bilu hummed, skipping as she jogged.

Huang Ziye was walking towards the classrooms from the dormitory, getting ready to assemble a meeting with the student union. He was headed in the opposite direction as Yun Bilu.

However, this time, Yun Bilu was in great spirits as she kicked at the rocks beneath her feet. She hadn’t noticed Huang Yize who walked past her.

Huang Yize paused in his steps. Glancing at Yun Bilu who was skipping merrily and even humming a song, a glint flashed across his eyes. He then continued walking forward.

Yun Bilu ran forward and suddenly caught a whiff of a faint fragrance. She was familiar with this scentit was Huang Yize’s scent. However, when she turned back to look around, she didn’t see anything.

She restlessly knocked herself on her head. “Sigh, am I having hallucinations because I want to see him?” She recalled that when she’d first started to woo him, she barely managed to see him at all. Thus, she asked around, and everyone eventually found out about her crush. Afterward, she learned his schedule, and took the initiative to create opportunities to meet him ‘by chance’!