Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Sending Dumplings To Young Master Huang

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Many people had mockingly said that she was overestimating herself. They called her a poor girl, claimed that she was a penniless maiden who wanted to meet her rich Prince Charming, and said that he was out of her league. However, that wasn’t true. She didn’t crave for riches and wealth. She wanted to survive based on her own capabilities.

What other people said had nothing to do with her. Her elder sister was still the best and what she said was right. Yun Bilu should pursue love bravely so that she wouldn’t have any regrets in the future.

Moreover, she would also become more outstanding for Huang Yize.

Returning back to her dormitory, she passed the dumplings to her three sisters in the room. The three of them ecstatically hugged Yun Bilu tightly. “Gosh, Bilu, you’re the best. You still remembered us! Ahh, I’m hungry. I want to eat, don’t try to fight me”

“Don’t forget me, don’t forget me”

“Hey, there’s still another box here. Wow We won’t need to have supper tonight. My dumplings, here I come”

Yun Bilu shoved them aside one by one. Lifting the last box, she yelled, “You’re not allowed to have this box! This one has different flavors, and I’m giving it as a gift to someone else. These three boxes are yours. You’re allergic to seafood, you dislike onions and mutton, and you love mushroom fillings the most These are yours. This box in my hands has different flavors, you can’t have it!”

“I’m so touched. Elder Sister Bixue remembered what we like to eat. She always prepares dumplings for us every year. Hehe!”

Xiao Huan rubbed her hands as she said, “Hehe, that’s why the three of us haven’t had dinner yet!”

Standing with her arms akimbo, Yun Bilu laughed, “How reassuring! Okay, hurry up and eat. Finish everything before I come back. I’m going out now, bye”

As she spoke, she dashed out to send the food to Huang Yize.

“I really admire Little Lulu’s enthusiasm. Her energy is so praiseworthy.”

“Exactly. Young Master Huang is the smartest and the most idolized guy in school. They even say he has a prestigious and powerful background. Only Little Lulu would have the courage to go after him.”

“It’s so weird though. Someone once sent Young Master Huang flowers in secret, and she was beaten up by a lot of women. Why has nothing happened to our Little Lulu for chasing Young Master Huang?”

The three sisters ate the dumplings and gossiped gleefully.

Yun Bilu went to the student union’s dormitory, which was the most luxurious dormitory building at Noel Harlem University. Two students shared a room, which spanned 120 square meters. The rooms were fully equipped with appliances, just like a home.

Yun Bilu directly went up to the floor where the president of the student union resided. She took in a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Ji Zhiye opened the door. Noticing that it was Yun Bilu, he questioned in shock, “Yun Bilu, it’s already so late. Why are you here?”

“I’m looking for Huang Yize. I brought him some food.”

“That smells delicious. Can I have some?” Ji Zhiye looked at Yun Bilu pitifully. To be honest, he adored Yun Bilu. She was pure, beautiful, and also motivated. She was neither pretentious nor hypocritical.

To children of affluent households like himself, he had long grown accustomed to meeting similar women. However, Yun Bilu was still the most attractive. He didn’t know what Young Master Huang was thinking, and why he remained unmoved. Even he felt anxious for this pure girl.

Yun Bilu shook her head and answered, “No. You have to wait till Huang Yize comes back before you can eat. You can’t open it first.”

“Yes, yes. I really take my hat off to you. You treat Young Master Huang like a gem, and me like some grass. I’ve even helped you out before!”

Being stared at by Ji Zhiye, Yun Bilu pondered for a bit. He had indeed kept her updated and provided her with many of Young Master Huang’s preferences. After hesitating, she separated one-third of the portion in the box and offered it to Ji Zhiye. “Here, this is your reward. In the future, you have to keep helping me.”

“Don’t worry!”

Right at this moment, the door abruptly opened. Huang Yize entered the room, emitting a cold aura.