Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Someone Pursuing Her

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Looking at Huang Yize’s cold and dark gaze, Ji Zhiye’s hands trembled. He hurriedly pushed the one-third portion of the food away from his body.

He chuckled dryly, “I just wanted to take a look and a whiff. I didn’t even touch it” What a joke. If he angered Young Master Huang into pushing more work to him, he would really be worn out. He wouldn’t even have time to pick girls up.

Yun Bilu noticed that it was Huang Yize, and she immediately flashed him a radiant smile. Moving to Huang Yize’s side, she said, “Huang Yize, I’m here to deliver some dumplings to you. Me and my elder sister prepared them personally, and there’s a lot of flavors. Try them!”

Huang Yize looked at Yun Bilu’s pure eyes and brilliant smile. He turned his gaze away and looked at the sky outside. Knitting his brows slightly, he asked, “It’s late. You came here just to deliver this?”

He said so many words to her! Yun Bilu’s heart was fluttering. Nodding, she replied, “Yes. They’re fresh from the pot and still warm. Try them, they’re delicious. It’s a unique flavor that belongs to my family.”

Yun Bilu’s heart felt uneasy. She was afraid that he would reject her again. She’d been rejected so many times, but she was a brave lady who persevered even after facing setbacks. To chase after a potential boyfriend, she had to show her sincerity.

Huang Yize watched as Yun Bilu lowered her head. In front of him, she didn’t look as hostile and energetic as she usually did.

Seeing that Huang Yize hadn’t answered after some time, Yun Bilu felt frustrated. She asked, “Are you going to eat it? If not, I’ll just throw it away, or give it to Ji Zhiye.”

After she regained her composure, she stuck out her tongue. Oh no, she revealed her true nature again. Lowering her voice, she muttered, “Um, why don’t you try it? It’s really delicious.” She tried her best to imitate the appearance of a demure lady, but her heart felt out of place. Ahh, it was truly difficult to pretend to be a lady.

Huang Yize answered directly, “Okay.”

It was merely a trivial word, yet Yun Bilu felt exceptionally ecstatic. Suddenly, she seemed to radiate an alluring aura. The sparkle in her eyes shone like stars, as though they could light up the sky. It was as if they could pierce through a person’s heart, dissipating all darkness.

“Have a good meal then. I’ll take my leave first.” Yun Bilu’s voice sounded delightedly bright. Waving her hand to bid him goodbye, she skipped away and left.

Ji Zhiye watched their interaction by the side and exclaimed in shock, “Young Master Huang, you’re too charismatic. It was just a word, but it made that Yun Bilu girl so happy. Such a rare scene! That girl is famous for her toughness. Only you could tame her like a little kitten. Indeed, everyone has a weakness”

Just as Yun Bilu cheerfully walked towards the dormitory building, someone tried to woo her with flowers!

Yun Bilu truly didn’t recognize this person. Avoiding him, she began to walk forward.

“Yun Bilu, my schoolmate, I’d like to pursue you and make you my girlfriend This is a bouquet of 99 roses. I hope you like it.”

Yun Bilu was startled. Pointing at her nose, she asked in shock, “You’re pursuing me?” It was indeed a strange event. She’d been in this university for a year and a half, but no one had ever chased her before.

There were so many candles and students cheering by the side, and it was all meant for her. This feeling was truly wonderful.

“Yes, Yun Bilu, my schoolmate, I wish to pursue you.”

“Am I attractive?” Although she didn’t know this male student, he looked rather handsome. It felt pleasant to be chased by someone. It was a fresh experience.

“Yes, your wholesomeness is unique. You’re so pretty and honest, independent and strong, so kindhearted and hardworking” As Li Huai spoke, his gaze looked at her solemnly.

Yun Bilu’s heart was floating. She was actually seen as someone wonderful, and there were guys who liked her too.

“Don’t you think that I’m too hot-tempered sometimes?”

“That’s just you being adorable!”