Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Returning To Country A

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Yun Bilu didn’t try to be pretentious. After receiving a series of affirmations, she took the flowers and answered, “Thank you for the flowers. I’ll have to think about it.”

Looking at Yun Bilu’s figure walking away, the male student yelled, “I’m Li Huaiwen. I’m in my second year of Management School, in Class 2”

Yun Bilu had already run far away. She turned around and shouted back, “I know! Thank you for the flowers!” Wow, she had finally received flowers at such an age. She wanted to rush back to her dormitory to flaunt about it.

Arriving at the dormitory, her three roommates had already gobbled down the dumplings. They could feel the taste lingering in their minds. Despite belonging to royal families, they had few opportunities to eat home-cooked food and usually ate food bought outside. Thus, the dumplings that Yun Bilu brought back were exceptionally precious.

“Wow, it can’t be Even Young Master Huang knows how to be romantic and give you flowers. Wow, these roses”

“My god, with sheer willpower, you can achieve anything. Little Lulu, you’ve managed to move Young Master Huang’s heart! No, you have to treat us to a meal! Treat us to a meal”

“I’m so envious. Our Little Lulu is indeed attractive. I can start boasting about this when I go out. Our room’s Feng Shui is really great. Even Young Master Huang became Little Lulu’s possession”

Yun Bilu had initially felt happy. Thinking about Huang Yize, she no longer felt as delighted as she looked at the flowers. She said honestly, “Actually, someone else tried to ask me out today. These flowers are from Li Huaiwen.”

“My god, it can’t be! Who dares to woo our Little Lulu?”

“Hurry, count how many flowers there are.”

“No, I heard about Li Huaiwen before. He’s from a family of scholars, and he knows how to write and recite poetry. His results are pretty great. His height is 182cm, and he weighs a hundred”

Yun Bilu quickly interrupted her. “Enough, enough, stop! In conclusion, someone is interested in me. Next time, you can’t say that I’m a tough woman without any charm.”

“Yes, yes, you’re a beauty! You’re very charming!”

However, for the next two days, Yun Bilu didn’t see Li Huaiwen anymore. She was anticipating his pursuit so that she could decide if they matched.

She wasn’t going to play hard to get. She had also pursued someone before and understood how it felt. If someone loved her and sincerely admired her, she would try to get along with him. If they were suitable for each other, she would also cherish him.

After asking around, she then discovered what happened. On the day of his confession, it was unclear why but Li Huaiwen ended up falling into a drain. In the end, he had broken his leg from his fall and then sent home.

Yun Bilu was momentarily bewildered. Were there even drains in Noel Harlem University? Her first experience of being pursued had ended just like that. After being depressed for two days, she returned to being lively again.

After having fun with her elder sister and brother-in-law for two days, and also witnessing their sweet interactions, she now felt assured.

Sometimes, she wondered in her heartwould there be a day when Huang Yize and her would be together?

Yun Bixue’s best friend, Bai Yaoyao, was also in Country E. However, regardless of how hard she tried, she hadn’t been able to contact Bai Yaoyao for the past few days.

“What happened to Bai Yaoyao? You can’t contact her?” Yun Bixue was rather worried.

Yun Bilu answered, “Elder Sister, stop looking for Elder Sister Bai. She left with an older man. She mentioned that it was for some private matters. Once she has everything settled, she’ll return to Country A. She said we don’t have to worry about her.”

“Will she really be okay?”

“That person was someone Elder Sister Bai once loved. I don’t know the details, but I only know that Elder Sister Bai said that she would handle it herself. She didn’t want us to interfere.”

During this period of time, the Xie family had personally made negotiations with Country E. They could return to Country A, but the higher management of Country E would only allow the Xie family’s airplane to take flight.

Yun Bilu was returning home, and she was buzzing with excitement. She happily signed a document at the dormitory’s management office, and then boarded the airplane with her elder sister and brother-in-law to depart.