Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Don't Fall For A Guy's Sweet Nothings

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Yun Bilu sat on the airplane and looked out the window to view the scenery below. She felt excited; she was finally going home. It had been many years, and she didn’t know if Country A and Ning An City had changed.

She was even feeling somewhat nervous.

Yun Bixue kept comforting her little sister, and she talked about the changes in Ning An City during the past few years. She also mentioned the places where the two of them would play when they were kids.

Yun Bilu listened quietly. After she calmed down, she suddenly realized on hindsight that they were sitting in an airplanea private airplane. She held Yun Bixue’s hand and asked, “Elder Sister, are we sitting in a private airplane? Does it belong to Brother-in-Law?”

Yun Bixue nodded. “Yes. See how distracted you are? Country E is under strict governance now. It’s all thanks to your brother-in-law that we can return home before the new year.”

“Is Brother-in-Law that powerful?”

“Yes, so when he said that he can protect you, he really can do it. Don’t worry. After you return to Ning An City, no one can ever take advantage of you again.”

Yun Bilu leaned against Yun Bixue’s shoulder and said emotionally, “Elder Sister, you’re such a nice person. I knew that one day, you would surely find someone who would love and spoil you. The day that I’ve waited for is finally here.”

Yun Bixue caressed her little sister’s head and replied, “Silly little sister. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have persevered for so long.” If it hadn’t been for her grandfather and little sister, she would have followed after their parents long ago.

“That’s why, Elder Sister, you’re also my source of strength. It’s because of Elder Sister that I can be so strong. Oh right, Elder Sister, someone confessed to me the other day!” As Yun Bilu spoke, she happily clenched her fists, as though sharing an exciting piece of news.

Yun Bixue laughed. “Oh? My little sister is so attractive. It’s only normal that she has suitors.”

“Gosh, Elder Sister, you don’t have to make me feel good. This is the first time that someone confessed to me! He even gave me 99 stalks of flowers, and he said that my hot temper is adorable! ” Yun Bilu recounted that day from start to finish to her elder sister.

Yun Bixue listened quietly. Looking at her little sister, she felt that Bilu was still a child. “And then?” She actually couldn’t bear to destroy her little sister’s sweet fantasy about relationships. Confessing to her didn’t imply that he truly liked her.

“Ahh, in the end, he actually fell into a drain. So silly, he didn’t even watch where he was going.”

“Do you like him then?”

Yun Bilu hesitated and shook her head. “I don’t. I only have this feeling of fascination in my heart, and it’s a new experience to have someone interested in me.”

Xie Limo couldn’t help but interrupt at the side. “A guy chasing you doesn’t mean that he’s truly fond of you. He could be doing it out of impulse, or he’s ambitious You have to learn how to differentiate this. Also, you’re just 17 years old so you won’t be able to clearly distinguish between love, feeling touched, and admiration. No matter what, you have to learn to love yourself first. Don’t accept someone’s pursuit just because you felt touched, and also don’t believe a guy’s words so easily. Sweet nothings are not necessarily reliable So follow your heart, and don’t agree so quickly.”

Xie Limo spoke earnestly to Yun Bilu like he was her elder.

Yun Bixue added, “Bilu, your brother-in-law is right. Don’t easily fall for a guy’s sweet nothings, but you also shouldn’t willfully hurt someone who likes you.”

Yun Bilu listened attentively. After some thought, she nodded and solemnly answered, “Elder Sister, Brother-in-Law, I understand.”

Huang Yize hadn’t seen Yun Bilu in the next few days but didn’t act out of the ordinary. On the contrary, Ji Zhiye wasn’t used to it. He frequently nagged at Huang Yize, “It feels so weird without that girlYun Biluaround you. It always feels like something’s missing.

“Hmm, did she leave with her elder sister? No way, I’ll go check through her records.”

Seeing that Ji Zhiye was just about to get started, Huang Yize finally raised his head from the computer. He calmly said, “No need to check. The student union checked the dorm building. She already went home!”