Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 246

Chapter 246 The Heart Feels Warm Returning Home

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Listening to Huang Yize’s words, Ji Zhiye exclaimed in shock, “That can’t be it! Country E is under a strict government lockdown now. How did she manage to leave Country E and return home? Tsk, tsk. Impressive”

He suddenly seemed to realize something as he suddenly felt unnerved. He asked, “Hey, Young Master Huang, could that girl actually have a formidable backer? She still pretended to be a needy student and fooled us! Oh, my heart really can’t take it anymore”

“Hey, do you think that girl forgot about you? Is she not going to chase after you anymore? She can’t just stop! Look at you, it’s your fault for not giving her a reply! You’ve frightened Yun Bilu away. Oh, right. I heard that on the day she delivered dumplings to you, someone asked out Yun Bilu in a gaudy way! It’s so rare for someone to have good enough judgment to notice that Yun Bilu’s wholesomeness”

In front of other people, Ji Zhiye pretended to be mysterious and cool. But in front of Huang Yize, he would just ramble on and on. He nagged and nagged, as though he was never going to stop.

Huang Yize swept a cold glance at him, and Ji Zhiye immediately shut his mouth. He wouldn’t and couldn’t speak anymore. If he said one more word, he felt that Young Master Huang would throw him out.

By the time Yun Bixue, Xie Limo, and Yun Bilu disembarked from the airplane, it was already late at night.

“Bilu, it’s too late tonight. Grandfather is probably asleep already. We can visit him tomorrow. Go home with Elder Sister first.”

Yun Bilu naturally understood that she was returning to her elder sister and brother-in-law’s home, and not the Yun family home. She gleefully held onto Yun Bixue’s arm and answered, “Okay, let’s go home!” Her elder sister’s home was somewhere she could settle down in Ning An City.

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bilu and said, “In the future, even if you get married, your elder sister and I will still be your parental family.”

What Xie Limo implied was: even if she married someone in the future, they would also stand up for her if she was bullied.

Yun Bilu listened to his words and her eyes started to sting. This was wonderful. She felt happy for her elder sister, and her heart felt warm too. However, when she thought about marriage, she would uncontrollably be reminded of Huang Yize.

She had forgotten to say goodbye to him before she left. Sigh, forget it. He might not be willing to see her anyway.

Thus, Yun Bilu no longer felt conflicted over not being able to bid Huang Yize goodbye.

As they left the airport, they found Xie Liu already waiting for them outside. He drove them all directly to Xie Limo’s villa.

Ji Qiongxin, Old Master Yun, and Mommy Lu were all waiting at the villa’s entrance, looking for their arrival.

From the car, Yun Bilu immediately saw her old grandfather as well as Mommy Lu, who looked so gaunt that she could hardly recognize her. Her heart felt bitter and her tears flowed endlessly. No matter how strong she was, she had still missed her family.

After getting out of the car, Yun Bixue walked hand in hand with Yun Bilu towards the entrance. Xie Limo followed behind them.

“Grandfather, I’m back.” Yun Bilu was choked with emotions as she spoke. When she left, her grandfather’s health was still robust, and he merely had a few strands of white hair. Now, his hair was entirely white, and his back was hunched. He even had to support himself with a walking stick. She had truly come to realize that her grandfather had grown old.

“Yes, yes. It’s good that you’re back.” Old Master Yun’s eyes were also red with emotion. He loved both his darling granddaughters, but in different ways. That lass, Bilu, had always been rough like a boy since a young age. Thus, he was exceptionally strict towards her. He only sent her overseas because he didn’t have a choice at the time. To have let her suffer such hardships, his heart also ached and he’d missed her dearly.

However, he normally wouldn’t dare to express it. He was afraid that someone would learn about it and find Bilu. That would only harm her instead.

“Mommy Lu”

“My dear child, you’ve lost weight and grown up.” Mummy Lu wiped away her tears. She truly felt sorry for these two children.