Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Dominating Possessiveness

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Yun Bixue understood that Xie Limo was doing it for her sake, to allow them to exchange intimate secrets. This man who appeared to be divinely elegant was actually a two-faced and dominating man. He was deeply possessive, so to grant her a night with her little sister was considered a generous act.

Yun Bixue leaped onto Xie Limo’s body and wrapped her hands around his neck. She happily said, “Limo, my husband, my lord. Thank you.” Usually, when she sweet-talked him like that, he would give in to her.

“It’s good that you know I meant well. Don’t just take care of your little sister in the future.”

Yun Bixue pursed her lips secretly. She seemed to have truly and completely neglected him recently. After coming to that realization, Yun Bixue decided to treat her husband better in the future.

They exchanged affection for a while, and then Xie Limo finally caressed Yun Bixue’s head. He then took the set of clothes and went to the bedroom on the ground floor.

Yun Bixue rolled around on the mattress and felt extremely happy. It was wonderful; she could sleep with her little sister later, and it felt just like their childhood days. Back then, the two sisters had relied on each other and discussed heartfelt matters.

Looking at the bedsheets that she had messed up, Yun Bixue stood up again. Lightly smoothing it out, she then retrieved a set of skin care products. In reality, she wasn’t used to these products, but Ji Qiongxin had bought it for the two sisters. It was also a set meant for sisters.

After a while, Yun Bilu bathed and arrived at the bedroom. She exclaimed with delight, “Elder Sister, look! I look great in these pajamas, don’t I? Wow, I love these little bears and the pale yellow background.” As Yun Bilu spoke, she spun around several times in front of her elder sister, letting the latter take a good look at her pajamas.

Yun Bixue nodded and replied, “You look great. They look just like a young lady’s pajamas.” Her little sister was 17 years old and was still a child at heart. She loved such cartoon characters. However, in order to protect Bixue like a rough boy, she had abandoned all of those preferences.

Yun Bixue passed the skin care products to her little sister and said, “This is what my mother-in-law bought for us.”

“Wow, Aunty Ji is so kind. Elder Sister, I feel so relieved now. My heart feels warm knowing that you have people who love you. But then again, I don’t really use this stuff.”

“When you return to school next year, give them to your roommates. I think that Xiao Nuo would love these. And also, the two of us can sleep together tonight.”

Yun Bilu was taken aback, and she widened her eyes. She repeatedly looked behind her, and suppressed her voice as she quietly asked, “Elder Sister, seeing how possessive and indulgent Brother-in-Law is, would he let me sleep with you? He won’t kill me, will he?” As she spoke, Yun Bilu covered her chest, looking frightened.

Yun Bixue was amused by her little sister’s exaggerated reaction. She pulled her arm to sit on the bed and explained, “Your brother-in-law said so. He agreed.”

Yun Bilu rose to her feet and jumped for joy. “Oh yes, hurray! Haha, Elder Sister, we can finally have a sleepover!”

But after giving it some thought, she pursed her lips again. “Hmph, Brother-in-law sure is tactful. I won’t disregard his words in front of you then.” In reality, Yun Bilu was still heavily reliant on her elder sister. She had always believed that her elder sister belonged to her. Suddenly, her elder sister was taken away by her brother-in-law. Her heart felt strange, but she was sensible. She knew that she should feel happy for her elder sister.

At night, the two sisters lay under the same blanket. They had a heart-to-heart talk, and Yun Bixue didn’t hide any matters from her little sister. They discussed the events that had happened in recent years.

Yun Bilu cried and laughed. When the old witch of the Yun family and Yang Siru were brought up, Yun Bilu stood up. She looked like she was going to grab a cleaver to chop them into pieces.

Yun Bixue hurriedly pulled her back and continued to tell her how she retaliated. As she listened, Yun Bilu clapped in applause. She felt refreshed just by listening to her.