Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Exciting News

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“Elder Sister, that’s great! That Yang Siru must have gotten chased out of the Yun family by now, right? Hmph, she bullied you so outrageously in the past.”

Yun Bixue watched the animated expressions on her younger sister’s face. Underneath the blanket, she held her hand and said, “After going to the Su and Meng families’ wedding, I went to visit you. I don’t know much about the other details, but before I left, Yang Siru was causing a ruckus in the Yun family. It was pretty intense. Su Lenghan also fainted during the wedding ceremony”

Yun Bilu sat up from underneath the blankets. With her arms akimbo, she burst into laughter, “Elder Sister, this feels amazing! I’m so restless and excited right now. Oh wow, if only I could’ve been there.” Su Lenghan didn’t know how to cherish her elder sister. He must’ve been blind to be fond of that so-called ruined Meng Xinyan. Serves him right!

“There was a live telecast. There’s probably a video about it online. You can take a look tomorrow. You can also enjoy the entertaining shows at the Yun family if you want. This time, Elder Sister has the ability to protect you.” Yun Bixue knew that her younger sister couldn’t stay idle. When the latter returned to Ning An City, she would definitely seek justice for her elder sister. Yun Bixue might as well inform her little sister everything beforehand.

“No way, Elder Sister. There’s a computer in this house, right? I want to take a look.” Yun Bilu was already so eager that she wanted to watch the video now.

“After sitting on the airplane for such a long time, aren’t you tired?”

“No worries, I feel so energetic!” As she spoke, she got off the bed. With her feet bare, she switched on the laptop on the table.

Feeling affected by her younger sister’s mood, Yun Bixue also got up.

In the end, the two of them sat leaning against the head of the bed. Covering themselves with the blanket, they began to watch the video on the laptop. The moment they opened up the Internet browser, the news headlines on the homepage were all about the Su and Meng families. There was a myriad of topics.

After clicking on an article to read more, it said, “The Su and Meng families have fallen out and become enemies. These foes are exceptionally furious at each other whenever they meet Fighting aggressively in the hospital The second daughter of the Meng family and her mother are both mistresses” Such detrimental news to both the Su and Meng families popped up endlessly.

Someone had even dug out information on Chen Pei, Meng Xinyan’s mother’s past. There were reports and news about how Chen Pei had been together with many other men Some reporters even suspected that her youngest son was not related to Father Meng.

In addition, both Mother Su and Mother Meng refused to see eye to eye with each other. They fought, hurled curses, and messed up the other’s hair. There were photos and videos recorded at the hospital. The two of them acted completely unlike the madams of royal families that they were, and were just like shrews hysterically cursing on the streets. It was surprising to witness this.

After Su Lenghan regained his consciousness at the hospital, he hadn’t spoken a word. Meng Xinyan visited frequently and made a fuss, but still couldn’t meet him. The headline of that news report stated:‘Young Master Su refuses to meet the second Miss of the Yun family! Are the two of them not a married couple? Will the second Miss of the Yun family tear down the hospital?’

Someone even took the opportunity to write about the Meng family’s relationships. In the end, Meng Xintong was illustrated as the beautiful Cinderella, and Chen Pei and Meng Xinyan became the wicked stepmother and stepsister. The opinions of Ning An City’s general public were all directed at the Meng family. They all felt a sense of injustice for Meng Xintong.

Father Meng felt a headache over the recent events. He had never experienced such an issue before and didn’t know what to do. He was a man, and those rumors made him suspicious. He was no longer as doting on Chen Pei and Meng Xinyan as before.

Instead, he grew increasingly fond of his eldest daughter.

Of course, these were all because Meng Xintong had grasped the opportunity and performed well. She was just what a wonderful daughter and demure lady should be.

Countless earth-shattering news covered the entire Internet. Even Yun Bixue didn’t expect that there would be so many news reports about the Meng and Su families.

“Haha, haha This is awesome! This feels great! The Su family deserves what they got for choosing that mistress. Hmph, they should look at their own moral honesty when they bully other people. The Su family stepped all over the Yun family, and actually settled for trash like her!” Yun Bilu didn’t care to filter her words. In front of her elder sister, she said whatever she wanted to. Her elder sister would always coddle her.