Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Grandfather Wakes Up

Just as she was feeling conflicted, her body suddenly felt warm. Xie Limo had covered her with the blanket. "Go to sleep. I will give you time to prepare yourself, until the day when you are ready."

When her body turned slightly stiff earlier, he had realized that she had woken up.

Hearing the tuneful voice beside her ear, Yun Bixue's heart felt comforted. She was thankful for his understanding, yet felt guilty for not doing her duties.

It was a night of silence, and soon after, both of them dozed off.

The following morning, Xie Limo found his wife sprawled all over his body when he awoke. He smelled her unique light, feminine scent, which differed from the other trendy fragrance products. She smelled naturally fresh.

Yun Bixue was in a sweet slumber, so comfortable that she even twitched in her sleep. Xie Limo's torso hardened, as he inhaled softly and then gently removed Yun Bixue's limbs off him. He restored the covers on her and finally left the bed silently.

When Yun Bixue woke up, it was already after 9 am. For a long time, she had not been able to indulge herself in a good night's rest.

As she left the bedroom, Xie Shiyi was standing upright by the door. "Young Madam, breakfast is already ready. Please have your meal."

Sure enough, Yun Bixue saw the sumptuous spread of food on the table, but could not locate Xie Limo. "Where is Limo?"

"Young Master Xie has a meeting to attend. Seeing how Young Madam was resting well, he instructed us not to rouse you."

His thoughtfulness touched Yun Bixue.

After finishing her breakfast, she left straight for the hospital.

"Miss Yun is here!"

"Miss Yun."

"Miss Yun, I heard that Old Master Yun's condition was superb yesterday. He should be able to wake up this morning."

"Miss Yun, please take the elevator first."

Yun Bixue knitted her brows. Everyone at the hospital treated her completely differently than before, making it hard for her to adjust to the change.

At that moment, Ling Nanchen was conducting a check-up on her grandfather. Noticing Yun Bixue's arrival, his almond-shaped eyes lit up. "You're here?"

Yun Bixue was stunned. The man before her was sloe-eyed, only about 27 years old, but had a devilishly handsome face. The upturned corners of his lips were especially dashing.

A man like him was working as a highly sought after doctor at such a young age. Furthermore, his team seemed to all heed his bidding. Yun Bixue found it rather astonishing.

Ling Nanchen blinked his slanted eyes. "Your grandfather is alright. There is no need to worry. He will wake up in no time."

He couldn't comprehend why Xie Limo had transferred his entire team over; it was merely a woman. However, after seeing Young Master Xie's lady, it no longer felt like a wasted trip.

After thanking Ling Nanchen, Yun Bixue waited by her grandfather's bed.

It was only at noon that Old Master Yun woke up.

Upon seeing her grandfather opening his eyes, Yun Bixue almost burst into tears.

"Nuan Nuan..." A hoarse but kind voice came from Old Master's mouth.

"Grandfather, Nuan Nuan is here. Here!" Yun Bixue's eyes were stinging as tears fell.

Old Master Yun struggled to reach out his hand, and Yun Bixue held it without hesitation, the movement caused him to cough. "Nuan Nuan... cough... Have you forgotten what your grandfather said? Don't cry, Nuan Nuan."

Yun Bixue wiped her fallen tears messily and nodded hard. "As long as my grandfather is well, Nuan Nuan will not cry."

"While I was in the hospital, have your grandmother and others been mean to you?" As he spoke, Old Master Yun's tone showed his authority and a tinge of anger.