Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Young Master Xie Accompanies Her For Shopping

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However, when they tried to search for news about Yun Muzhong and Yang Siru, nothing came up. “Elder Sister, gosh, if I can’t find out, I can’t fall asleep.”

“Okay, I’ll call Yang Mei and ask her.”

As she spoke, Yun Bixue gave Yang Mei a call. She then realized that Yang Siru and Yun Muzhong had gotten into a fight, and both had been sent to the hospital. Their disputes thus ended. Nevertheless, Yun Muzhong and Yang Siru had also become enemies.

“Elder Sister, you told me that one of our family’s men of sacrifice has the surname ‘Yang’ too. Yang Siru also has the same surname, but why are they so drastically different?”

“There are many people with the surname ‘Yang’ in Country A. There are many with no relations to us. Plus, our ancestors bestowed the ‘Yang’ surname upon our men of sacrifice. It’s unrelated to the Yang family.”

Suddenly, Yun Bilu’s eyes lit up. She said, “Elder Sister, I have an idea. Ahh haha! Isn’t Yang Siru hospitalized? I want to go and annoy her.”

“Okay, go have fun if you want to. Don’t tire yourself out.”

“Hehe, don’t worry.”

The next day, after having breakfast, Yun Bilu announced that she wanted to go out by herself. She refused Yun Bixue’s offer to accompany her, and the latter could only feel resigned.

Xie Limo sent Xie Qi and Xie Ba to protect Yun Bilu in the dark. “Have fun and enjoy yourself. If anything happens, Brother-in-Law will stand up for you.” He knew that this little lady must be going out to avenge her elder sister.

Yun Bilu almost jumped up. “Brother-in-Law, you’re too cool. Your younger sister admires you!” After speaking, she ecstatically rushed outside.

Yun Bixue pulled her back and placed a card in her hands. “Don’t try to scrimpspend on what you have to. Elder Sister has money now.” With Xie Qi and Xie Ba’s protection, she felt at ease.

Yun Bilu cheered with joy and dashed out.

Since it was almost the new year, they had to buy new clothes. Xie Limo brought Yun Bixue to the mall to buy outfits for the new year.

“Limo, you accompany me every time I shop for clothes. Don’t you feel irritated?” Yun Bixue recalled that during her university days, the schoolmates around her would always complain. They whined about how all males hated shopping with females.

However, her husband had never expressed any signs of displeasure.

Xie Limo wrapped his arm around his wife and smiled elegantly. He answered clearly, “Buying clothes for my wife and accompanying her as she shops are my duties. Why would I feel irritated? You’re letting your mind run wild again. You deserve a beating!” As he spoke, he readied his hand to knock Yun Bixue on her head.

Yun Bixue escaped, giggling as she turned back.

Xie Limo stuck his hand into his pocket and shook his head in defeat. He strode over lightly and caught up with Yun Bixue.

The people who were shopping noticed their presence and recognized them as Young Master Xie and Miss Yun. They hurriedly captured this scene. From their cell phones, the couple appeared even more harmonious and sweet. Many single young ladies couldn’t take it, and they exclaimed that it was torturous to look at.

They were exceptionally envious of Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue.

The reason why the public recognized them was because they’d both appeared at Young Master Su’s wedding. Their attendance had shocked everyone, and the public naturally remembered them through the live telecast.

Moreover, it was mind-blowing news to know that Young Master Su had poor judgment back then. He had actually abandoned Miss Yun and taken a liking to that Mistress Meng.

In their hearts, they sympathized with Yun Bixue and felt more protective towards Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue relationship. The couple’s unintentional movements won over the hearts of a horde of fans and supporters in Ning An City.

They all felt that although the Su family deserved some sympathy, they had brought this on themselves. If they hadn’t been snobs back then, they wouldn’t have landed in such a predicament now.

When several people posted the pictures online and onto Weibo, they received a series of ‘likes’ and support. They all felt a surge of positive energy shooting through the overwhelming darkness. It made everyone still believe in love and its gloriousness.

Yun Bilu pompously changed into a set of black clothes at the mall. Wearing a pair of sunglasses, her stance appeared formidable. She then merrily went to the hospital.

From the moment she entered the hospital, the hearts of the doctors and nurses all skipped a beat. Who was this who possessed the style of a lady boss? Why did she look like she was here for a fight?