Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 251

Chapter 251 The Cool Lady Boss

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Yun Bilu wore a pair of black boots, and her footsteps rang crisply against the floor. As she walked, a few nurses were startled, and their heartbeats accelerated. Terrified, some of them hid away. Wasn’t this type of scene frequently played out on TV? Lady bosses were very violent!

Yun Bilu was merely just 17 years old, but she exuded an aura as though she would clear everything in her path.

Holding onto a little nurse, she asked, “Where is Yang Siru’s ward?”

“In, in In Ward 506” The little nurse was so frightened that her face turned ashen, and she spoke while trembling.

Yun Bilu watched the little nurse’s reactions and was fairly satisfied with the results that she caused. The corners of her lips curled up into a smile. Bringing Xie Qi and Xie Ba along, she took the elevator and went straight up to the fifth floor.

The little nurse was stunned and couldn’t regain her composure for a long time. Finally, she covered her chest and heaved a long sigh of relief.

Several other nurses rushed to her side and asked, “What happened? Are you okay?”

Stars danced before the little nurse’s eyes. “How could a woman be so beautiful and cool? She’s my idol! Suave, cool” She appeared to be infatuated.

On the other hand, the nurses surrounding her were bewildered, and their faces turned pale. It can’t be! That lady boss merely said a few words, and she had already managed to seduce Bai He, the new nurse?

Xie Qi and Xie Ba both wonderedwhy did Young Madam’s younger sister appear like she was part of the underworld?

At that moment, the two bodyguards had yet to realize that Yun Bilu would truly become an international figure who could annihilate everything in her path.

Arriving at Ward 506, she opened the door with a vigorous kick.

At that moment, Yang Siru was sitting on the bed eating fruits. Noticing the three of them emitting such an aura, she nearly dropped the fruits onto the floor.

In reality, her body was feeling fine. She was deliberately staying in the hospital, allowing her to exploit the Yang family’s authority to threaten Yun Muzhong. Little did she expect to meet these three individuals with imposing auras just after a day of hospitalization. She didn’t even have time to rest properly yet.

The doctor, who was checking up on Yang Siru, also felt his legs grow wobbly. The cold atmosphere exuded by these three individuals truly made one’s courage disappear.

Yun Bilu hooked her finger and gestured. “You, get out.”

The doctor frantically nodded. Hunching over, he dashed out of the room. After running out, he heaved a sigh of relief. What happened just now was truly intimidating.

With regards to Yang Siru, she should help herself, rather than asking others for help!

He was merely a doctor and didn’t have the capacity to interfere with other people’s businesses.

In the end, Yang Siru received all sorts of threats by Yun Bilu in the room.

Closing the door, Yun Bilu immediately dragged Yang Siru from the bed onto the floor. Stepping on her face, Yun Bilu said, “Yang Siru, do you still remember me? You wanted to kill me from the start. I’ll let you take a look!” As she spoke, Yun Bilu removed her sunglasses.

Yang Siru took a glance. After pondering and snapping out of her shock, she asked hesitantly, “Are you Yun Bilu?” She desperately wanted to feign death right now; this girl was truly too terrifying. From a young age, Yun Bilu had never been afraid of anything. Whenever she fought, she gambled with her life.

Yun Bilu stood with her arms akimbo and replied, “Ahh haha, of course! How do you feel? You didn’t kill me, and now I’m back! Are you scared?” When she was young, Yang Siru had purposely hired someone to kidnap her and her elder sister. Yang Siru had even almost hired someone to assassinate them. She had committed many wicked crimes.

If Yun Bilu’s grandfather hadn’t secretly sent bodyguards for their protectionand if the two sisters hadn’t been smart and stayed alertthey would’ve long been gone.

“You How did you come back?”

“I returned to get payback for everything that happened in the past. You must have bullied my elder sister heavily all these years, right? My elder sister has a meek personality, but I don’t. What do you think? Did you think that I wouldn’t dare to touch you just because you’re in a ward? You two, beat her up! Don’t hit her face, and don’t let her pass out. I want her to experience what real pain feels like.”

Xie Qi and Xie Ba stepped forward and lifted up Yang Siru. They began raining punches on her. The two of them were one of the Xie family’s outstanding men of sacrifice. They had been specially trained and were well-informed about the human body. They knew where it would hurt most when hit, and also knew how to prevent someone from fainting.