Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Giving Yang Siru A Sound Thrashing

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Thus, Yang Siru’s blood-curdling screams reverberated throughout the entire ward. Several doctors and nurses walked past, and their legs turned shaky. Tiptoeing, they frantically vacated the area as quietly as possible.

Feeling like now was the right time, Yun Bilu personally took action. “Ugly b*tch. I’ll beat you till you die! How dare you bully my elder sister? I’ve said this before: When I return, I’ll definitely crack your skull open! I’ll hit you, hit you, step on you, and step on you!”

Yun Bilu treated Yang Siru like a pig as she stomped all over her. In the end, she’d had enough of Yang Siru’s shrieks and covered the latter’s mouth.

Afterward, she used her hands to strangle Yang Siru’s neck.

Terror was written all over Yang Siru’s eyes just as she was about to be asphyxiated. She knew that Yun Bilu wanted to kill her! Pure terror started to form in her heart. She was afraid to die.

She started to beg for mercy.

Yun Bilu finally let go of her neck. Rising up, she said, “Get on your knees and kowtow now. Say that you’re sorry to my elder sister and me. Say that you’re a pig, a stupid pig. Talk about how you treated my elder sister and me in the past. Spill everything. If you miss out anything, I’ll continue to strangle you! Also, write it all down with a pen, then sign and stamp it. Can you do that?”

Under such threats, regardless of how reluctant Yang Siru was, she couldn’t refuse. She was afraid of death. As long as she lived, she could find a way to take that girl down.

She was still clear about that girl’s capabilities. However, Yang Siru wasn’t aware that after spending many years overseas, Yun Bilu was no longer the same person as before.

Moreover, she also had her dependable elder sister and brother-in-law as her backers now.

As Yang Siru began to speak, Yun Bilu switched on a small video-recorder. She recorded everything that Yang Siru said.

Finally, Yang Siru personally wrote down everything. Under Yun Bilu’s intimidation, Yang Siru bit her finger and sealed on a fingerprint with her blood.

Yun Bilu felt incomparably excited in her heart. Holding onto this evidence, she instructed Yang Siru, “Go back to the Yun family now.”

“Me? Go back to the Yun family?” Yang Siru was still puzzled. She had just been admitted and had yet to threaten the Yun family. Why would she return home just like that?

“That’s right. Go back and exploit the Yang family’s authority to pressure the Yun family. It would be best if you could fight with that old witch every day. Oh, right, the old witch is Old Lady Shen. Have you remembered all that? If you don’t fight every day with the old witch, I’ll expose everything you said.” As she spoke, Yun Bilu even pointed at the recorder on her chest and the sealed document in her hands.

Yun Bilu thought that she still needed to return to school after celebrating the new year. She could only feel at ease after cleaning up this mess for her elder sister.

As Yang Siru listened to Yun Bilu’s words and glanced at her delighted expression, she spewed out a mouthful of blood. Yang Siru had genuinely passed out.

When Yun Bilu led Xie Qi and Xie Ba out of the ward, they saw someone coming out from the elevator. After taking a careful look, she found her rather familiar.

Xie Qi said by the side, “Second Miss, this is Yun Mengshi!”

“Ah-ha! That b*tch. Let’s go and meet her” As she spoke, she started approaching Yun Mengshi.

Yun Mengshi had come to the hospital to see her mother and deliver a meal at the same time. In reality, she hadn’t been willing to come. However, her social status had taken a plunge, and the Yun family couldn’t offer to give her anything. She now had to depend on her mother’s parental familythe Yang family. In short, she would take advantage of everything that she could.

“Hey, isn’t this the pretentious Yun Mengshi?” Going by age, Yun Mengshi could be considered Yun Bilu’s elder sister. However, to Yun Bilu, she only had one elder sister. The rest were all strangers to her.

Yun Mengshi was walking with her head down. Upon hearing those words, she raised her head and was stunned.

After Yun Bilu removed her sunglasses, Yun Mengshi snapped out of her trance. “Yun Bilu?” Yun Bilu was someone too tough to handle!