Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 253

Chapter 253 Dealing With A Pretentious And Hypocritical Lady

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“Hey, Miss Pretentious, why aren’t you crying to gain sympathy?” Yun Bilu hopped and circled around Yun Mengshi, sizing the latter up several times.

When they were children, Yun Mengshi had already been scheming. She liked to steal Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu’s things and then complain about them. She would wail and explain how the two sisters had bullied her. Naturally, she grew more restrained when she grew up. Nonetheless, she acted as an innocent lady but was still just as pretentious and hypocritical.

Yun Mengshi had no idea that Yun Bixue and Xie Limo had brought Yun Bilu home. She secretly knitted her brows. Putting on the air of an elder sister, she asked, “Yun Bilu, I’m still your elder sister. Why are you talking to me like this?”

Yun Bilu pretended to retch. “Blurgh Elder Sister? Bah! You? In what way do you resemble my elder sister?”

“You” All of a sudden, Yun Mengshi felt that Yun Bilu was difficult to deal with.

“What about me? Oh wow, Miss Pretentious, who are you delivering this meal to? I heard that you tried to send a meal to my brother-in-law. Did you go crazy from seducing people?” Tch, she should take a look at herself!

“You You’re spewing nonsense!” Yun Mengshi’s inner thoughts were revealed. Blushing, she looked at Yun Bilu with a sinister gaze. This was a secret she buried deep in her heart. How did Yun Bilu find out?

Yun Bilu couldn’t be bothered to say that her elder sister would share most of her heartfelt matters. Her elder sister wouldn’t expose Yun Mengshi, but she wouldn’t hesitate. She simply wanted to rip apart Yun Mengshi’s pretentious and annoying face.

Yun Bilu stood with her arms akimbo while she continued mockingly, “Oh wow, are you getting angry out of shame? I’ve exposed you, haven’t I? Aren’t you feeling embarrassed? Should I yell it out loud? Oh wow, there were also doctors who witnessed you delivering a meal to my brother-in-law that day”

All the darkness hidden deep in Yun Mengshi’s heart flared up. She roared, “Yun Bilu, don’t forget that Young Master Xie is also my brother-in-law! You keep mentioning ‘brother-in-law’, but aren’t you secretly thinking the same thing too? Plus, you’ve been gone for so many years, so you definitely don’t know what’s happening with the Yun family. I’m the one who’s closest to Elder Sister! Everyone else has already forgotten about you”

Yun Bilu couldn’t bear to listen to another word. She delivered a blow right onto Yun Mengshi’s face and began to rain punches incessantly. “Only you would be despicable enough to want your own brother-in-law! Bah! You’re disgusting! To hear your despicable thoughts with my own ears, I really want to throw up”

After she was done beating Yun Mengshi up, the latter’s face had become swollen. Yun Mengshi then finally left.

That same afternoon, Yun Mengshi touched up the wounds on her face. Putting on a pitiful appearance, she went to search for Yun Bixue.

Just as she was near the villa, she saw Xie Limo alight from his car and hug Yun Bixue. He carried several bags of various sizes into the house.

She hurriedly ran over and yelled, “Elder Sister, Brother-in-Law” Her voice truly sounded frail.

Yun Bixue heard her voice and goosebumps broke out across her entire body. Turning back, she saw Yun Mengshi running towards her. She frowned. How did Yun Mengshi know that her family lived here?

Yun Mengshi didn’t even look at Yun Bixue. Her gaze automatically landed on Xie Limo, as she said with distress, “Brother-in-Law, you have to stand up for me!”

Xie Limo dully swept his gaze across Yun Mengshi. His gaze was cold, and he pursed his lips without saying a single word.

In her heart, Yun Bixue wanted to laugh. She had instructed Yun Mengshi to seduce Su Lenghan, but Yun Mengshi didn’t succeed. Was she trying to target Limo now?

“Yun Mengshi? Why do you want Limo to stand up for you?” She felt that watching this pretentious and hypocritical lady putting on a show would be a good way to fill up her spare time.

The main point was that Yun Mengshi always felt good about herself. However, anyone could see through her mannerisms and wicked gaze with just one look. Thus, Yun Bixue thought that Yun Mengshi was rather stupid.