Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Aggravating The Old Witch

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Old Lady Shen was at home with a headache, so she instructed her servants to massage her head. Now, she couldn’t even be bothered to take care of her health. Everything that happened to the Shen and Yun families had caused her to be in terrible shape. She didn’t even have a parental family left anymore.

“Hey, don’t apply so much force! Do you think that without the Shen family around, you can bully this old woman, huh?”

“Old Madam, please calm down.” The servant stepped back and lowered her head to apologize.

This old woman was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. She threw a temper easily and had already fired many servants.

The moment Yang Siru returned home, she saw the servant with her head lowered. She guessed that Old Lady Shen must have chastised her. Yang Siru was already used to it. Ever since the Shen family had been eradicated, anything could enrage Old Lady Shen.

“Mom, you shouldn’t lower yourself to a servant’s level. Don’t forget that you’re an old madam!”

When Old Lady Shen realized that it was Yang Siru, her eyes grew wide, “Weren’t you hospitalized just yesterday?”

Yang Siru covered her waist that felt sore from being beaten up. She replied tartly, “Yes, but I feel better now, so I’ve come back to see you.”

“Hmph, come back to see me? It’s good enough that you don’t piss me off!”

Yang Siru was beaten up today and was brimming with anger. Listening to Old Lady Shen’s words, her fury was immediately unleashed. “Hey, Mom, aren’t you alive and well? You’re still energetic enough to bite a servant’s head off. You’re still in vigorous spirits, huh? From what I see, you don’t need to be served anymore. You can take care of yourself.”

“You What did you say?”

“Are you deaf? Do you not understand what I said? I want you to take care of yourself so that we don’t have to waste money and hire servants.” Yang Siru spoke with disdain. Throughout all these years, she’d truly had enough. Arguing with Old Lady Shen without any reservations really felt great.

Old Lady Shen’s hands trembled. “You You dare to speak to me like that? Do you still think of me as your mother-in-law?”

“Bah! Mother-in-law? I don’t even know if Muzhong really is your son.” Thinking about the latest rumor revolving around the Meng family, she now felt that anything could happen in these royal families.

“You You!” Old Lady Shen stood up. Clutching onto her walking stick, she was just about to hit Yang Siru with it.

“Why would I let you hit me” Yang Siru shoved her with all her might. Old Lady Shen simply crashed onto the floor. A‘bang!’sounded, and it seemed like something had broken from the fall.

Yang Siru’s heart skipped a beat. It was her first time acting so ruthlessly towards Old Lady Shen. As a matter of fact, she felt nervous in her heart. After all, Old Lady Shen was still a crafty old fox.

In pain, Old Lady Shen immediately let out deafening wails. She cried about how she would make Yun Muzhong and Yang Siru split up, and support Yun Muzhong in bringing his mistress into the family.

The Yun family was in a state of chaos. In contrast, there was a harmonious atmosphere in Xie Limo’s villa.

After eating, Yun Bixue took out all the clothes that she just bought. Everyone at home had their share. She even bought a set for Aunt Zhou.

“Miss Yun, I Is this for me?”Aunt Zhou wiped her hands on her body forcefully, embarrassed to receive the gift.

“Yes, Aunt Zhou. You’ve diligently taken care of my grandfather. This is a little gift from my younger sister and me. Try it on, does it fit?”

Aunt Zhou was rather touched. The Xie family had arranged for her to take care of Old Master Yun. In the beginning, she had sincerely wanted to complete her duty. However, she started feeling sympathetic towards Old Master Yun. She had always been alone, and the two of them had grown to mutually understand each other. It felt wonderful to have someone to talk to.

She knew that her status was low, and she hadn’t dared to have wild dreams. However, she didn’t expect the two of them to treat her so well.

Ji Qiongxin nudged Aunt Zhou and giggled. “It’s a gift from the children. Go ahead and try it on!”

“Oh!” Since Ji Qiongxin was the matron of the Xie family, Aunt Zhou heeded her words. If she hadn’t been serving Old Master Yun, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet the matron with her status as their servant.