Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 256

Chapter 256 A Doll Given By A Certain Mister

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In fact, Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu both thought that it would be extremely wonderful if their grandfather could find someone to take care of him in his old age. After all, the two sisters’ care and visits couldn’t replace the company of his better half.

Since Aunt Zhou had been selected by Xie Limo, Yun Bixue could feel at ease. As long as Aunt Zhou could take good care of her grandfather, she didn’t care about anything else.

Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu were both perceptive people. Asking Aunt Zhou to try on the clothes that they bought was an indirect expression of their approval and consent.

Old Master Yun felt rather sentimental. The children had already grown up and were sensible. He could worry less about the elder lass but had to continue fretting over the second lass. When she found someone who loved her, he wouldn’t have any regrets even if he died.

It was only when his son and daughter-in-law had passed away that he realized it was useless to guard the reputation of his royal family and his organizations. One was not born with riches, neither could he bring his wealth with him after death. A happy family was still the most important.

Thus, he fought hard to protect the Yun family because he wanted to provide a home where his two granddaughters could settle down. However, he was wrong again. In the end, it was his two granddaughters who had protected the Yun family.

Old Master Yun’s complexion was aged, but he also felt relieved. At least his two granddaughters were well.

Everyone received a new set of clothes. They were all purchased after Yun Bixue and Xie Limo had discussed it together. Each outfit was decided based on their respective preferences and sizes.

Yun Bilu held up the pale yellow skirt that she received and happily posed in front of the mirror. It had been a long time since she wore a skirt. In order to act as a proper needy student, she had constantly been donning the school uniform. Otherwise, she would be wearing bleached white shorts and t-shirts. She didn’t seem like someone you’d associate with a skirt.

Yun Bixue moved to Yun Bilu’s side and gently said, “You’re a 17-year-old mature lady. It’s time to put on a skirt. Doll up prettily. You can also show it to the person you like.”

Hearing those words, Yun Bilu felt shy. “Elder Sister” She dragged her words, sounding adorable.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop. Trust me. When you put it on, you’ll definitely look stunning.”

Yun Bilu put on the pale yellow long skirt and matched it with leggings. She let down her ponytail and rolled her hair into a low bun. She indeed looked charming.

Noticing everyone’s gazes, Yun Bilu felt awkward and uneasy. “Elder Sister, do I look awful? I told you so! Skirts don’t suit me.”

Yun Bixue quickly held down her flailing hands. “You look great, you look great. My little sister has already grown up into a young adult.”

Ji Qiongxin and Mummy Lu both changed into their new clothes and were elated as well. They complimented Yun Bixue’s thoughtfulness.

She bought several sets of clothes. She reserved one set that was more festive to be worn during the new year, while the other sets could be worn now.

Besides resting at home, the whole family began to purchase new year goodies over the next few days. It was very lively.

Before the end of the year, Yun Bixue had to award bonuses to her employees and also organized annual company gatherings. She had no choice but to visit her office. At the same time, she brought her little sister to take a look.

Just when they reached the office, they discovered that the office was decorated with a new doll.

Yun Bilu happily ran over. “Ahh, Elder Sister, this is the little piggy that you like! Haha, such a cute piggy doll”As she spoke, Yun Bilu hugged it and began playing with it.

“Hmm? Who sent it to Elder Sister? Could it be my brother-in-law?” The only person Yun Bilu could think of was Xie Limo.

A faint glint flashed across Yun Bixue’s eyes. She enquired with the reception area. They answered that a mister had sent it here.

“Mister? Could it not be my brother-in-law?”

Yun Bixue could vaguely guess who the person was!

She continued probing, and an employee answered, “Elder Sister Yun, It was a man wearing a cap. He frequently waits at our office entrance just before and after work hours. It seems like he’s waiting for someone. He was the one who gave this piggy doll to you. He claimed to be an old friend but refused to say his name. His wore his cap low, so I couldn’t clearly make out his face.”