Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 257

Chapter 257 Su Lenghan Sent It Throw It Away

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As Yun Bixue listened, she frowned and asked, “How tall did he look?”

“About 1.82 meters! He has a nice build, just like a model. Even if he was wearing a cap, he appeared very fancy and elegant. Several ladies from our office all gasped when they saw him from the back. But, we all think that he looks rather familiar. Since I couldn’t see his face properly, I couldn’t determine his identity.”

Deep down, Yun Bixue had an answer that she was almost sure of. Could it really be him?

Yun Bilu was puzzled and asked, “Elder Sister, who was it? Could it be an admirer who wants to court you? Wow, who is it? I have to know. Is there really someone who wants to challenge Brother-in-Law by trying to pursue you?”

After some pondering, Yun Bilu continued, “Hmm? That can’t be. If he wanted to pursue you, he should be sending roses. Plus, there are very few people who know that you like this piggy doll, right?”

Yun Bixue’s expression turned cold, and she said in frustration, “It’s probably Su Lenghan!”

“Ahh?” Yun Bilu yelped and immediately threw aside the piggy doll in her hands. She said resentfully, “Elder Sister, we don’t want gifts sent by someone like him. Brother-in-Law is still the best.”

Yun Bixue nodded and replied, “Yes, I know, but I can’t figure out what he’s trying to achieve.” As she spoke, she fell into deep thought. With regards to Su Lenghan, she couldn’t understand his thoughts anymore.

Amongst the men she knew, only he knew that she liked this little piggy doll. Even An Yexuan wasn’t aware of it during their university days.

Once, when she was celebrating her birthday, Su Lenghan had asked her what kind of gifts she would like to receive. She answered that she simply wanted the two of them to share a meal and that a gift wasn’t important.

So Su Lenghan didn’t buy a gift for her. That night, after bringing her out for a meal, they strolled along the streets. Through the glass window, she noticed a little piggy doll sitting inside a shop. At that instant, her gaze was completely fixated by it. She couldn’t even move her legs anymore.

At that time, she had the sentiments of a young lady. She liked dolls, especially those piggy dolls. They were pink and adorable. It was usually rare to chance upon one, and in an instant, it attracted her young lady-like heart.

Su Lenghan clearly witnessed her reaction. Nonetheless, he coldly walked over and asked, “What happened?”

She felt that the item was too pricey and thus shook her head.

However, each time she walked past that area, she would always steal several more glances at it. In the end, the little piggy doll from that shop disappeared. It had been purchased by someone else.

It had been almost two years since it happened. Thinking back on it now, it seemed to have transpired a long time ago. It had almost faded away from her memories. If it weren’t the exact same doll, she wouldn’t have guessed that Su Lenghan had sent it to her.

Back then, he hadn’t been unaware that she liked the doll. He merely didn’t think about buying it for her. Perhaps she should say that he didn’t put in enough effort.

Looking at the doll, Yun Bixue felt that it was ironic. She said to Yun Bilu, “Back then when I liked it, he didn’t buy it for me. What’s the point of buying it now? Regardless of his intentions, just throw this doll away!”

Yun Bilu stepped forward to embrace Yun Bixue. She said comfortingly, “Elder Sister, that’s a wise choice. I dislike Su Lenghan too. He’s a snob and pretentious and irresponsible” All in all, all those who betrayed her elder sister were useless bums who had no merits at all.

Yun Bixue pinched Yun Bilu’s nose and said, “Yes, I know how to cherish the people around me. I won’t get mixed up with anyone else.”

Afterward, Yun Bilu helped her elder sister to throw the little piggy doll right out of the top floor of the organization’s building. She simply threw it down like that.

Someone was standing outside the building, and the doll landed on him!