Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Trashy Womanizer Get Lost

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Yun Bixue was implying that she had absolutely no feelings towards Su Lenghan anymore. She might have liked him in the past, but that had completely changed. Moreover, her Yun family couldn’t ‘match up’ to him.

She was also telling him that he was the one who abandoned the Yun family because of their misfortune. He was the one who left them in the lurch.

It was impossible for Su Lenghan to not understand the implied meaning in her words. His body swayed, and he almost lost his footing. His head even started to throb. Recently, his headaches had started to hurt more and more.

Even so, he still persisted. “Bi Yun Bixue, we also had wonderful memories back in those days, didn’t we?”

Yun Bixue knitted her brows. “Su Lenghan, I think that what’s past is past. To me, I don’t have many wonderful memories of that time. People say that after being foolish once, you should never be foolish again. I’m living a decent life now, and I don’t wish for anyone to disrupt my peace. Do you understand?”

Su Lenghan shut his eyes tight. “Yun Bixue, I wronged you back then. I feel very guilty deep down in my heart too.”

Yun Bixue didn’t want to be reminded of the past. Thinking back once again, she felt that she had truly been too silly and naive. She raised her voice and said, “Su Lenghan, it was your decision back then. And don’t forgetI tried to look for you, and I begged your Su family to save my grandfather. That was my first time begging someone else, but do you remember how you responded? Do you think that these are wonderful memories?”

“Yun Bixue, if, and I mean if”

Before Su Lenghan could complete his sentence, Yun Bixue interrupted him firmly. “Su Lenghan, you’re an intelligent person. There are no ‘ifs’. I am leading a great life now. You have someone else by your side as well. Let’s treat each other as strangers!”

After speaking, Yun Bixue was reminded of the matter regarding the stock markets. She thought, perhaps she would become one of the members of the Su Family Organization’s shareholders meeting. She could make decisions on everything regarding the Su Family Organization. Does this count as a slap to Father and Mother Su’s faces?

She still remembered begging the Su family to save the Yun family, and for them to save her grandfather. Father Su’s face had been cold and hostile. It was only after a family experienced changes that one’s true colors would be revealed.

It was that precise feeling of helplessness back then, that made her appreciated Xie Limo even more. No matter what happened, she would follow Xie Limo wholeheartedly. In addition, Xie Limo had always treated her extremely well.

“Yun Bixue, can I meet you?”

“That’s not necessary!”

As Yun Bilu listened by the side, she grew more and more impatient. She swiftly grabbed Yun Bixue’s cell phone from her hand and began to yell, “Su Lenghan, are you done?! Are you a man? If you’re a man, then stop dragging things out! My elder sister is living a blissful life now. You should just get lost. When the Yun family was doing well, you kicked us away. Now that you’re suffering and my elder sister is living well, you’re trying to intrude and pester us again. Are you human? Don’t you have some level of conscience? You can’t be that shameless, can you? You should know your limits. Do you still not understand what my elder sister is trying to say? Let me translate She wants you to go as far away as you can. My elder sister doesn’t want to see you No, actually, I think that you’re worlds apart from my brother-in-law! The two of you don’t even belong in the same league! If it were anyone else, she wouldn’t want to meet you too You should continue to suck up to that second daughter of the Meng family”

Yun Bilu finished her words in a single breath. With a‘slam!’, she hung up the call.

She then sucked in a deep breath. “I am exhausted! But dealing with him in one go truly feels refreshing!”

After regaining her composure, Yun Bilu thought that she might have been too impulsive. Facing her elder sister, she asked sweetly, “Elder Sister, was I too impulsive?”