Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Seeking Justice

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Yun Bixue hugged her younger sister dotingly. Caressing her head, Yun Bixue said, “You were not impulsive. You didn’t do anything wrong either. I have the best younger sister in the world.”

Yun Bilu was overjoyed. She always felt that her elder sister had loved her so much. Whatever she wanted to do, her sister would understand and support her.

As a matter of fact, during her university days, the three sisters in her dormitory were all children of royal families. Each household had numerous children, and their blood-related brothers and sisters would constantly scheme against each other. All of them envied that Yun Bilu had such a kind elder sister.

It was true; she did have a loving elder sister. Yun Bixue was her biggest blessing.

Su Lenghan’s call abruptly ended, and he couldn’t calm his heart down for a long time. In fact, her whole speech had caused him to suffer a huge blow. The things that he had done had honestly been so deplorable!

Heartbeat quickening, he knitted his brows.That crisp voice belonged to a young lady. Was she Yun Bixue’s younger sister?

But I remember that Yun Bixue only had one younger sisterYun Mengshi. There were no other girls in the Yun family, right?

Or did I forget something else again?

In reality, Yun Bixue’s younger sister was of great importance to her. When she was together with Su Lenghan in the beginning, she had never mentioned a single word about Yun Bilu to him. Perhaps deep in her core, she subconsciously knew that Su Lenghan wasn’t reliable.

It was undeniable that Yun Bixue’s subconscious had indeed been accurate.

Su Lenghan still wanted to talk to her. Seeing that the other side had hung up the call, he could only sigh. Raising his head, he looked at the Snow Cloud Group’s building. He pursed his lips, then left.

He assumed that she was in a bad mood, and understood that she blamed him. He would wait and select another appropriate time to beg for her forgiveness again!

Just as he took a few steps towards his car, Meng Xinyan blocked his path. “Su Lenghan, so you were here all along. Tell me, where did you go, huh? I couldn’t find you anywhere. Didn’t you say you weren’t feeling well? Why are you here? You lied to meyou’re doing this on purpose Did you come here to look for Yun Bixue? Ahhh! She doesn’t even like you anymore! You were the one who chose me back then”

Su Lenghan’s head rang. Looking at Meng Xinyan’s mouth open and close repeatedly, he couldn’t take it anymore in the end. He roared, “Stop talking!”

“How could you yell at me? Ahh, Su Lenghan, you’re an irresponsible man! Su Lengxian framed me, she framed me! Yet you still chose to believe them! You’re ignoring me on purpose. Don’t forget that I’m the matron of the Su family that you officially married!”

They caused an endless ruckus outside.

In the Snow Cloud Group’s building, Yun Bixue was reviewing the bonus reports that the finance department had prepared based on their performance. She also discussed the annual company gathering with Yang Mei. With this event, she intended to blow up the Snow Cloud Group’s value in one fell swoop!

She busied herself the entire day. Yun Bilu followed after her elder sister and learned how to handle certain matters. She enjoyed herself immensely as she helped out here and there.

After returning home at night and having dinner, Yun Bilu sat beside Yun Bixue. She complained to her brother-in-law, “Brother-in-Law, you have no idea how annoying Su Lenghan was. My elder sister didn’t even want to deal with him, yet he kept pestering her. I really wanted to go downstairs and knock out his teeth!”

Yun Bixue tugged at her younger sister’s sleeve, gesturing for her to stop. She didn’t want Xie Limo to fret over this trivial matter.

Yun Bilu intentionally ignored her elder sister’s actions. She continued, “Brother-in-Law, did you see that? My elder sister doesn’t want you to worry so she won’t tell you anything. But, I really do hate that guy. What makes him think that my elder sister should meet up him, just because he wants to see her? My elder sister hates him. That guy just doesn’t know his limits!”

Xie Limo listened, and a cold glint flashed across his eyes. Nonetheless, he looked at Yun Bixue with a trace of helplessness in his eyes. He asked Yun Bilu, “Are you trying to seek justice for your elder sister, and asking me to take action?” When it came to the Su family, he wasn’t sure if his wife had completely let go. Therefore, in consideration of his wife’s feelings, he usually chose not to interfere.