Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Young Master Xie's Arrangements Dominating And Indulgent

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Yun Bilu nodded her head vigorously. “Of course! Brother-in-Law, I know that you’re strong and powerful. My elder sister listens to you the most. She annoyed by Su Lenghan too! She clearly rejected him already, and she even threw the doll that Su Lenghan gave her down the building. My elder sister actually likes those dolls, especially little piggies, but she hated the one that Su Lenghan gave her. It’s so annoying”

Yun Bilu complained ceaselessly. This time, Xie Limo listened gravely. He captured every single word in his ears. In his heart, waves of emotions began to swell.

Especially when he heard that Su Lenghan had sent his wife a doll, his expression turned dark and cold. His eyes narrowed and revealed an extremely dangerous light.

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue and asked, “My dear, did you really dislike that doll?”

Suddenly receiving a question, Yun Bixue instinctively answered, “I just don’t like the person who sent it to me.”

Hearing that reply, Xie Limo chuckled softly. His aura and radiance were magnificent and unparalleled.

Yun Bixue only realized that she had given an answer. She looked at the smile on Xie Limo’s lips and felt great displeasure in her heart. Her husband was indeed two-faced; he tricked her into answering!

Nevertheless, Yun Bixue felt more repulsed towards Su Lenghan now. He was already married and had responsibilities, yet he still came to look for her. To her, this wasn’t something a man with obligations should be doing.

She increasingly felt that Xie Limo was wonderful. No one else could ever match up to him. It was an insult to compare other men to Xie Limo.

In the study room that night, Xie Limo released a mission using the computer system.

Xie Liu arrived in Xie Limo’s study room and called courteously, “Young Master Xie!”

“Yes. Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan haven’t been spending time together recently?”

Xie Liu listened to Young Master Xie’s piercingly cold and dangerous voice, and his heart trembled. He nodded and answered, “Yes.” He had been serving by Young Master Xie’s side for many years. Naturally, he knew that Young Master Xie had always been calm and collected, and was quick to devise strategies. No matter what he was faced with, Young Master Xie would never frown. Of course, this was before he met Young Madam.

Now, Xie Liu could feel that Young Master Xie had been enraged. Could it be related to Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan?

“Concentrate the efforts on one area. Incite the media and other royal families to pressure the Su and Meng families. Since they’re married now, they should be together.” How could his wife tolerate someone else harboring feelings for her? Therefore, he would make Su Lenghan so occupied that he wouldn’t have the time to look for her.

“Yes!” Although this was a small matter, Xie Liu understood that he had to do it well. It was because Young Master Xie was presently encased in a dark aura.

Moreover, listening to the knocking sounds Young Master Xie made as he tapped on the table, Xie Liu’s heart shivered uncontrollably as well. This was his first time experiencing such breathlessness. He knew that Young Master Xie must be in a foul mood.

“Meng Xintong from the Meng family has the information to bring her stepmother down in her hands. Think of a way to make Meng Xintong postpone the exposure of this matter. Allow Meng Xinyan and Su Lenghan to be stuck together first, then boost the public opinion for one of themthen expose them!”

Xie Liu listened to Young Master Xie’s instructions attentively, feeling rather worried for Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan. Of all people, why did those two offend Young Master Xie?

Of course, Xie Liu didn’t know that the dominating and chauvinistic side of Young Master Xie was responsible for this. On top of that, he was protective of Yun Bixue. Thus, he personally made arrangements for such a trivial matter.

That night, Yun Bixue was dazed and was close to falling asleep. Xie Limo entered the bedroom. Lifting her up, he said, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to see your present!”

“What is it?” Yun Bixue rubbed her eyes. Looking at Xie Limo behaving mysteriously, she truly couldn’t imagine what he wanted to give her.

When they arrived at a room on the first floor, she saw that it was completely filled with dolls. There were also many little piggy dolls of all sorts of design and patterns. Yun Bixue was astounded!