Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Giving You A Room Full Of Dolls

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The room was full of dolls, all in colors that suited a young lady. The very image of it could instantly fill up a young lady’s heart. There were colors of pink and peach, and it was as beautiful as a dream.

Yun Bixue’s eyes opened wide, her mouth agape. She almost gasped, but immediately used her hands to cover her mouth. She couldn’t believe it at all. Looking stunned, tears slowly flowed from her eyes.

Wasn’t this what she dreamed of in her teenage years? She loved dolls. Her friends all had parents who would buy dolls for them. Her grandfather was quite old and also busy with work. He didn’t understand a little girl’s feelings. There was no one else who would buy them for her.

After her little sister found out, she collected two years’ worth of allowance and bought Yun Bixue a doll. Yang Siru and Yun Mengshi snatched it away, and her younger sister ended up fighting them. The doll was ripped into pieces. In order to cheer her little sister up, Yun Bixue reassured her that she didn’t like the doll, and never mentioned nor thought about it again.

However, she’d still dreamed of a room full of dolls in her house. In fact, her life back then was arduous, and the two sisters had to rely on each other. The only comfort she could offer herself was to have a wonderful dream that she could fantasize. At least she could imagine it and give herself hope. She could then encourage herself to be strong and continue living her life.

Seeing that her teenage dream had been fulfilled, she felt that it was all so unreal. She wanted to smile, but couldn’t control her tears. No matter how desolate she had felt and how tough her days had been, she felt that the past didn’t matter now.

Life was indeed fascinating. Her past days had been grim. However, after her life changed for the better, she realized her mood had become more peaceful. She was even grateful for those experiences. It made her stronger and more hardworking, and it allowed her to meet her better half.

Xie Limo simply stood by her side and watched her. His gaze was gentle, and his pale pink lips were curled into a smile. He watched her quietly.

After Yun Bixue regained her composure, Xie Limo asked slowly, “How is it? Do you like it?”

In reality, Xie Limo had a dominating streak. Only he could purchase the things that his wife liked. When had it ever been Su Lenghan’s turn to do so?

And he had yet to deal with Su Lenghan for hurting his wife!

Of course, Xie Limo would never think that Su Lenghan not cherishing Yun Bixue back then was the reason he could meet her. Strictly speaking, Su Lenghan did deserve to be credited.

Yun Bixue turned back. With tears in her eyes, she looked at Xie Limo. “Did you prepare all this?” Why didn’t she notice? When did her husband prepare this? When were these sent to the house?

Xie Limo looked at how Yun Bixue’s eyes sparkled with tears. Feeling helpless, he gently wiped away her tears with his hands. Lowering his head, he kissed the corner of her eyes and replied, “These were all chosen by me. And as for how I prepared it, my wife can take a guess herself.”

Yun Bixue narrowed her eyes, but her heart felt warm. Sometimes, just a sentence from Xie Limo could brighten her spirits.

Yun Bixue stepped forward and picked up one of the dolls. She hugged it with delight. She was in her twenties, so she still loved the things that she’d liked when she was younger. Regardless of age, these dolls represented happiness in her heart.

At night, Yun Bixue took the initiative to be assertive. Xie Limo was very pleased with her performance.

On another day, when Yun Bixue continued to visit her office, she met Meng Xinyan standing outside the building.

“Why are you here?” Yun Bixue knitted her brows, looking rather annoyed by Meng Xinyan.

Meng Xinyan’s sharp eyes detected the doll hanging on Yun Bixue’s bag. She began screaming in a shrill voice, “Yun Bixue, you! Aren’t you shameless? I am Su Lenghan’s wife. How could you seduce him and make him buy things for you?” Since criticisms and accusations followed her everywhere she went, there was no need to put up a front anymore. Thus, she no longer cared about her image.