Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 264

Chapter 264 There's A Lunatic At The Entrance

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Yun Bixue answered indifferently, “Meng Xinyan, if you want to go crazy, please go to an appropriate place. This is a public area, not somewhere you can behave atrociously.” How did Meng Xinyan land herself in such a state? She no longer had any resemblance to her past self. At the very least, she did resemble a socialite when she dressed up in the past. It was different from what she looked like now.

Recently, Meng Xinyan was truly losing her mind from frustration. The Meng family was in shambles. The reporters surrounded them and continuously shouted questions while taking pictures. They even released endless exposs, and they never ceased reporting news about her family. She wanted to look for Su Lenghan, but he refused to pick up her calls nor see her. In her heart, she grew more and more uneasy.

In particular, Mother Su would mock and sneer at her whenever they met, constantly chastising her.

She couldn’t take it and would argue back with Mother Su. For the whole day, the fiery exchanges never stopped.

After a prolonged period of being at loggerheads with each other, Meng Xinyan had already forgotten how she looked like when she was a top socialite. It seemed like she had already grown used to behaving like a shrew.

“Haha, am I behaving atrociously? Let’s get everyone to judge. Tsk, tsk. You’re the one who likes dolls! Come, come! Everyone, take a look! You’re all employees of the Snow Cloud Group, aren’t you? Haha, did you know? It was her; she seduced my Lenghan and made him give her a doll Even the receptionists know about it Can you all see what she did? She hung a doll on her bag. She claims to be together with Young Master Xie, but she’s having an affair! She’s shamelessly seducing other people”

It was currently time for employees to report for work. The employees of Snow Cloud Group gathered at the entrance to watch the commotion.

“Oh, isn’t that Elder Sister Yun from our HR department? I remember that some man gave her a doll. Back then, the receptionist asked me to send it up to her!”

“Yes, that’s her. She’s always missing from the office and thinks she’s a big shot. Ugh, and our company still has to provide her a salary. She thinks her status is higher than President Yang’s and manages everything Apparently, she’s even having an affair with Young Master Su!”

“Tsk, tsk. She’s the eldest daughter of the Yun family, so she’s got a strong backing. She has Young Master Xie to support her, so who would dare to offend her!”

“I heard that she brazenly climbed into Young Master Xie’s bed. The reporters even published an article about it, but Young Master Xie stepped forward to clear up the rumors. Who knows what’s the truth!”

“You guys should stop making these sarcastic remarks. You’re just being sour grapes. Elder Sister Yun is hardworking. Are you so blind that you can’t see how capable she is?”

“Exactly. Elder Sister Yun is a nice person. No matter what she did, at least her actions are righteous, unlike some jealous, wicked person! Plus, Young Master Su gave the doll to her on his own. What could Elder Sister Yun do about it?”

In the Snow Cloud Group, no one else besides Yang Mei knew Yun Bixue’s true identitythat of the Group’s president. Some were jealous of Yun Bixue, while others were genuinely protective of her. All in all, the Group was divided into two schools of thought, and there were plenty of rumors going around.

Yun Bixue turned back and slowly swept her gaze over everyone. She also glanced at the onlookers.

They didn’t know why, but many of the employees making those sarcastic remarks felt a cold chill run down their spines after being stared at. Their heart couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

Wang Man coincidentally arrived at the company after stepping out from the public bus. Noticing the scene, she yelled, “If all of you don’t clock in now, you’ll be late! I’ll be checking on your attendance records. Don’t you want your bonuses? Oh, right, President Yang will be arriving soon. If he sees you all here, I wonder what he’d think!”

After everyone scurried into the building, Yun Bixue said to Meng Xinyan, “You should visit the mental hospital for treatment. When you’re discharged, Su Lenghan might even want you back.” As she spoke, she ignored Meng Xinyan and entered the building.

“Ahh Yun Bixue” Livid, Meng Xinyan lunged forward to grab Yun Bixue’s hand.

The instant Yun Bixue’s arm hurt, she swung her arm reflexively. Meng Xinyan was flung onto the ground. Covering her stomach, her complexion turned pale. She screamed, “Ouch, it hurts Save me!”