Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Bleeding

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Yun Bixue turned back and looked at Meng Xinyan. She was in disbelief. She had acted on reflex to escape from Meng Xinyan’s clutches. Why was she lying on the floor and yelling about her pain?

Is she that fragile? Or is she pulling a trick again?

Regardless of the reason, after seeing Meng Xinyan in this state, Yun Bixue still approached her hesitantly. “Are you okay?”

Meng Xinyan took a look at Yun Bixue. In particular, the pink doll hanging on the latter’s bag stung her eyes. Even though she was in pain, she didn’t care about anything else. She began to shout, “Yun Bixue, you sl*t! You seduced Su Lenghan! You already have Young Master Xie, but you still seduced him Do you still have feelings for him? Tell me”

Seeing that Meng Xinyan still had the energy to lash out at her, Yun Bixue stood up. She didn’t want to care about Meng Xinyan anymore. If she had the strength to yell at her, then she was just fine.

“Meng Xinyan, I can’t be bothered to explain it to you. Stop trying to trick me. Do you see that? There are CCTVs in front of the building. They recorded how you fell to the ground.”

Finally, Yun Bixue picked up her bag and was just about to leave.

Right at that moment, Su Lenghan alighted from his car. Dashing over, he called out, “Xinyan?”

Meng Xinyan felt a sudden surge of energy. She wailed, “Lenghan, sob Come and save me! I’m in pain, so much pain Yun Bixue shoved me. She said that she hated seeing the two of us together, and then she pushed me to the ground. I’m in so much pain”

The instant Su Lenghan heard that Yun Bixue hated seeing him, his heart twisted. Seeing Meng Xinyan complaining that she was in pain, he thought that it was just another scheme and didn’t want to acknowledge her. He had come here because he received a call from a stranger. They told him that Yun Bixue had gotten involved in a fight, and he’d felt worried. Thus, he quickly drove over.

Little did he expect to see Meng Xinyan lying on the ground.

However, when Su Lenghan noticed traces of blood on Meng Xinyan’s thighs, his expression changed drastically. He hastily pulled her up. “What happened? Does your stomach hurt?” No matter what happened, he was indeed responsible for Meng Xinyan. Seeing such a scene, he also felt concerned.

“Lenghan, sob You finally care about me. I know I did something wrong, but I did it all because I love you. Yun Bixue was the one who provoked me on purpose and shoved me. She did it to get revenge on the two of us! Am I dying? I’m in so much pain” Meng Xinyan knew how to capture a man’s heart. These words were precisely what Su Lenghan cared about the most.

Su Lenghan raised his head and took a look at Yun Bixue. His gaze was so cold, and it was filled with heartache. Although he wasn’t reprimanding her, his attitude was so icy that it didn’t differ much from an accusation.

After just one glance, he carefully lifted up Meng Xinyan and left.

Meng Xinyan clutched onto Su Lenghan’s sleeves, and let her tears trickle down as she bawled.

Yun Bixue stood with shock at her original position. She was clearly not upset, but why did her heart feel so downcast? Haha, he was indeed Su Lenghan. That day, he had begged for her forgiveness. Just a few days later, he was already looking at her with disapproval.

She, Yun Bixue, never owed his Su family anything! As she pondered, her gaze turned colder and colder, as though she had no feelings towards Su Lenghan at all.

However, when she lowered her head and noticed the traces of blood on the ground, her expression changed. She was startled. This was where Meng Xinyan had fallen. Could it be?

A thought suddenly popped into her head. Yun Bixue frantically fished out her cell phone and quickly called Xie Limo.

“Hello? My dear, what happened? Didn’t you leave for work?”

“Limo, I have to tell you something. Meng Xinyan came to look for me just now. We had an argument, and she ended up lying on the ground bleeding. I suspect that she might be pregnant. She grabbed my hand first, so I flung her away by reflex. I didn’t know that this would happen. What do you think I should do?”