Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 267

Chapter 267 Headline News

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Yun Bixue analyzed the profiles one by one. She even inspected the lowest ranking employees from every department. Although it was a laborious task, she wanted the Group to flourish, and therefore the company couldn’t foster any rotten apples. A rotten apple could damage the entire branch.

Fortunately, Xie Limo’s earlier training had a segment on company management. Moreover, after utilizing her photographic memory, she could investigate the employees who had made those sarcastic remarks in the morning. Afterward, she took a look at each of their annual performance reports. Indeed, they were all rather disappointing.

She marked a tick beside each of their names and handed the list to Yang Mei to handle the rest. She instructed her to think of a method to remove these employees by the end of the year, and to re-hire new ones.

After ending the call, Xie Limo began instructing his subordinates to check on what transpired today. In a short while, the information was sent to his computer.

“Young Master Xie, Meng Xinyan is now pregnant. After receiving the news, the Su family have all rushed to the hospital. However, because Meng Xinyan fell, she’s still in critical condition. It’s unclear whether she’ll be able to keep the baby.”

“Which hospital is she in? Engage a top-notch team of obstetricians. They must keep Meng Xinyan’s baby alive. And cease the arrangements made for that day. As long as the baby is safe inside Meng Xinyan, the marriage between the Su and Meng families will continue. Afterward, think of a way to get a reliable confinement nanny to work for the Su family. She has to protect Meng Xinyan and ensure that she delivers the baby.”

Since Su Lenghan had chosen Meng Xinyan and they now had a baby together, all the more reason for the two of them to be together. In the future, it would be useless for him to regret this.

In fact, Xie Limo looked down on Su Lenghan, despite recognizing his capabilities. When it came to his personal relationships, Su Lenghan’s indecisiveness and inability to differentiate between right and wrong were barriers that held back his progress.

At the Snow Cloud Group.

Working late into the night, Yun Bixue had yet to filter through the employees of the vast group. She consistently toiled away. Aside from requesting for Wang Man to bring a meal for her in the afternoon, she spent the rest of her time in the office.

Right after stretching her body, Yun Bixue looked up and realized that the sky had already turned dark. Picking up her phone, she saw that there were several missed calls. She had set her cell phone to silent mode in order to concentrate on her work.

Picking up her phone, she called her little sister first. “Bilu, what happened?”

“Elder Sister, did you see the news? I’m furious! I couldn’t reach you by phone, so I was feeling anxious. I’m driving to your office right now!”

“Don’t come here. I’m going home now. What’s on the news?”

“The news reported a picture of you and Meng Xinyan, just outside the Snow Cloud Group’s entrance. Also, some of your employees testified against you. It didn’t take long for it to make the headlines. Elder Sister, I only found out about this in the evening. I’m so pissed off! That trashy sl*t must’ve framed you!”

After speaking to her little sister, Yun Bixue immediately instructed her subordinates to retrieve the video recording. However, her underlings reported that the CCTV was damaged and hadn’t recorded anything.

Enraged, Yun Bixue slammed on the table. “Indeed, the Group has such wonderful employees! It got damaged right under my eyes. Great, how amazing!”

This time, Yun Bixue was truly infuriated. Right on the spot, she instructed Yang Mei to return and settle the Group’s matters first.

That night, Xie Limo personally drove to pick up Yun Bixue and her younger sister. He protected her on the way back and didn’t allow the reporters to interview her.

For the next few days, Xie Limo forbade her from leaving the house. He settled all of the issues in her place.

Some people were displeased with Xie Limo and were using this opportunity to go against Yun Bixue. They began to engage a horde of keyboard warriors and discussed how Yun Bixue secretly hated Meng Xinyan, and that she took this opportunity to seek revenge. They commented on how Yun Bixue was clearly aware that Meng Xinyan was pregnant, yet she still hurt her intentionally. What Eldest Daughter of the Yun family? She wasn’t any better than Meng Xinyan, both were just as vicious!