Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Chaos In The Snow Cloud Group

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As a result of Xie Limo and her family’s protection, Yun Bixue spent her time either chatting with her younger sister or reading books. She had almost no contact with any news reports, nor did she leave the house to stroll along the streets. Xie Limo had also confiscated her cell phone. Therefore, she didn’t feel anything, let alone experience any anger.

Although Yun Bilu was impulsive, she didn’t mention a single word regarding the various exposs on the news.

The Snow Cloud Group had been left in Xie Limo’s hands for the time being. Upon receiving the news about Yun Bixue, Yang Mei arrived at the Snow Cloud Group. She swiftly settled the issue.

None of the employees knew why President Yang’s complexion was so icy even though it was the end of the year. She looked at everyone with a piercingly cold gaze, and no one dared to look her in the eye.

Before anyone could respond in time, the entire Snow Cloud Group had been combed through. All the employees who failed their performance assessments and didn’t do their job diligently were all fired. After collecting two months’ worth of pay with the finance department, they were let go.

This series of events had happened too quickly. Everyone was unable to react in time. The Snow Cloud Group was a huge organization. Those slackers all wondered if they would be able to find another company that treated them so well if they left the Snow Cloud Group.

The employees responsible for managing the CCTVs were collectively dismissed.

Yang Mei didn’t offer them the chance to explain. She simply relayed her orders in a cold-hearted manner.

Since the number of dismissals was sizablemore than a hundredeveryone discussed and demanded an explanation from the Snow Cloud Group.

Yang Mei looked at the crowd of over a hundred employees standing in front of her, and coldly asked, “Are you sure you want an explanation?”

“That’s right. We’ve been doing a good job. You’re dismissing us as just because you feel like it. That’s so unfair!”

Yang Mei scoffed, “If I think that it’s fair, then it is. Since none of you are sensible enough, I’ll show you the proof. I initially planned to let you leave with some dignity, but since you’re unwilling to accept it by sending yourselves all the way here, then take a look at this!” As she spoke, Yang Mei threw out a stack of documents.

It contained all the records of more than a hundred employeesslacking off at work, exploiting the company, and even being disloyal to the company The records were very detailed. It contained even more information than they themselves were aware of.

More than a hundred faces turned terrified altogether. In particular, those responsible for the CCTV recordings felt even more astonished.

Yang Mei watched them and said, “One of you has been bribed to intentionally damage the CCTV at the entrance. You still claimed that the CCTV was spoiled. Do you really think that your family operates the Snow Cloud Group and that you can do what you want? That person’s actions have reflected badly on the rest of the team. It’s your fault that your team’s supervision was ineffective! Get lost! Don’t piss me off again.” These people had infuriated Missy. She had intentionally called her to deal with it.

If she didn’t resolve the problem, her status as the Yun family’s first-rate men of sacrifice would have been in vain.

With regards to Meng Xinyan’s pregnancy incident, someone had purposely spread rumors, and the matter kept spiraling out of control. In the hospital, the doctors had initially announced that Meng Xinyan was in a critical state. However, after the team of top-grade obstetricians took over, Meng Xinyan finally survived the life-threatening period. She was now safe.

The Su family all heaved a sigh of relief. Although Father and Mother Su both detested Meng Xinyan, they were still elated to hear that she was pregnant. After all, it was the Su family’s grandchild. Moreover, the Su family only had one child, Su Lenghan. Having a grandchild was still a joyous occasion.

They discussed who would send Meng Xinyan home to nurse and nourish the baby.

At the side, Su Lenghan also heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that his parents valued children. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have agreed for him to get married so soon. However, after he snapped out of his daze, he recalled the scene from that day. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss.