Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 269

Chapter 269 Sucking Up To Miss Yun

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By the time Su Lenghan recalled the event thoroughly, he had managed to calm down. Back then, the accident had happened at Snow Cloud Group. Meng Xinyan’s house and office were both far away from the Snow Cloud Group. Why was she there?

Also, the timing of his arrival was also extremely coincidental. He clearly remembered someone saying that Yun Bixue was in a fight. However, why did he just happen to see Meng Xinyan lying on the ground when he arrived?

Back then, he had been surprised by Meng Xinyan’s ashen complexion and the traces of blood. He hadn’t thought about the scene in detail.

Meng Xinyan had repeated again and again that Yun Bixue had hurt her, and that Yun Bixue was intentionally getting back at his Su family

If this were the past, Su Lenghan might believe Meng Xinyan’s words. However, after experiencing that scene during the wedding, he was constantly and uncontrollably doubtful of Meng Xinyan. He no longer dared to trust her anymore.

Su Lenghan leaned against the white wall in the hospital. His expression was solemn.

Mother Su thought that he was worried about Meng Xinyan and her baby. After hesitating, she finally stood up for Meng Xinyan. “Lenghan, this is our Su family’s grandchild. After all, the two of you are married, and your lives are tied together. Go back and send your wife home. Let her nurse the baby. Your father and I are waiting to carry our grandchild.”

Su Lenghan had yet to reply. He merely replied dully, “Mom, I’m quite tired. I want to go home and rest.”

“Don’t worry. Your father and I are here!”

Just as Su Lenghan walked outside, he bumped into Chen Pei. She shrieked, “Ahh! What happened?! What happened to my daughter? Did you do this on purpose? You’re not taking good care of her! Sob You made my daughter fall”

In the past, Chen Pei would never reveal this side of herself. Due to her frequent arguments with Mother Su recently, she grew used to exposing her true nature.

Once she heard Chen Pei’s voice, Mother Su’s initially bright spirits instantly turned foul. “What are you yelling about? This is a hospital. Your daughter just got better, so don’t cause her to slip into a critical state again from all that noise you’re making!”

“How dare you speak about my daughter like that? Just because she isn’t your daughter, you’re cursing her on purpose. You’re really vicious!”

Su Lenghan paused in his steps and continued walking out. He only remembered that day, when he had instinctively believed Meng Xinyan and shot Yun Bixue a cold glance. He still recalled that mocking look in Yun Bixue’s eyes back then.

As he thought about it, Su Lenghan’s heart felt crushed. Perhaps, she was very disappointed with him. Even after he calmed down and pondered, he couldn’t help mocking himself too.

After more than a hundred employees left Snow Cloud Group, the employees were all trembling with fear. They raised their work efficiency significantly, and no one dared to slack off. However, all of them secretly guessed at the reason why this happened.

No matter where their thoughts led them, they realized that some of the dismissed employees were all somehow related to the incident at the building’s entrance in the morning.

The more they conjectured, the more they felt that Miss Yun’s backer was too sturdy and powerful. Even the president protected her so staunchly. Deep down, they were secretly counting their blessings that they hadn’t made any snide remarks back then, and had instead stood up for Elder Sister Yun.

Indeed, one should be kind, and not ruthless.

Moreover, they were all aware of the plight of the hundred employees who had been dismissed. Everyone tended to know about the happenings in Ning An City. Thus, when these ex-employees applied for jobs with their resumes, most organizations rejected them. It would be a grueling task to search for a job as favorable as the one they had in the Snow Cloud Group.

Therefore, everyone secretly set their hearts on what they should dowhen Elder Sister Yun returned to work, they would definitely suck up to her. They must show their most radiant smiles.

Xie Limo exercised his authority and began to take action without reservations. On one end, he stabilized the major media channels in Ning An City. On the other end, he conducted a check on the Internet. All the IP addresses were filtered out through an advanced electronic system. He searched for their addresses and began to destroy them one by one. Then, the Xie family started to catch the perpetrators stealthily.