Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Clarifying The News

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Regardless of whether they had been hired or had done it intentionally, all those who spread rumors online were all captured by the Xie family’s subordinates, and then held in a room to be interrogated individually.

Being in such a ghastly atmosphere, these people were uncontrollably petrified. They confessed everything that they knew. In the end, they were allowed to leave but still felt rather fearful.

They still had to continue circulating rumors online. This time, their target wouldn’t be Yun Bixue, but rather Meng Xinyan.

Posting the pictures, videos, and articles that were already prepared, this group of keyboard warriors was indeed amazing. There was an immediate reversal of the news.

The suspicious figures amongst this group of people were placed under the Xie family’s heavy scrutiny. This allowed them to conveniently track their activities in order to identify the person manipulating things behind the scenes.

With conclusive evidence and videos, everyone could tell how Meng Xinyan had tried to frame Yun Bixue. Even the curses that Meng Xinyan had spewed were all recorded down.

Everyone was taken aback. Meng Xinyan had actually tried to hurt Miss Yun but had fallen to the ground herself. It truly made everyone feel contrite.

Indeed, Meng Xinyan was someone who harbored such wicked thoughts. During her wedding, the accusations thrown onto her must’ve been true.

Therefore, with the current discussions and headlines, Meng Xinyan could never gain a new lease of life again. In the eyes of the Ning An City’s citizens, Meng Xinyan was simply an evil person who would use unscrupulous means to achieve her goals.

On the other hand, after hearing the news that Meng Xinyan was pregnant, Father Meng heaved a sigh of relief. At least they had a child; Meng Xinyan and Su Lenghan had no choice but to stay together now.

Su Lenghan left the hospital, and the reporters swarmed over to grill him on his relationship with Meng Xinyan.

This time, Su Lenghan maintained a cold expression. Without saying a single word, he trudged forward.

“Young Master Su, are you picking up the second Miss of the Meng family home because of your child? Or is it like what Miss Meng said: Miss Yun tried to seduce you? Do you miss Miss Yun?”

“Miss Yun has Young Master Xie by her side now. Young Master Su, will you abandon your responsibilities and pursue someone that you once betrayed? Or have you always been breaking Miss Meng’s heart?”

“Young Master Su, will you neglect the reputations of both the Su and Meng family this time? Will you forsake Miss Meng and her baby?”

It was as though the reporters had been prepared. They spoke aggressively, as if they were trying to pressure Su Lenghan.

Su Lenghan really was exhausted. He felt drained and even more perplexed. In the future, did he really have to stay with Meng Xinyan? Did he not have a choice anymore?

Without a word, Su Lenghan drove his car home. However, through the radio in his car, he learned that he had indeed been duped by Meng Xinyan once again!

Parking his car by the roadside, Su Lenghan rested his head lethargically on the steering wheel. It was unclear what was going on through his mind.

After clarifying everything for Yun Bixue, there was still some follow-up actions to take. Nonetheless, Xie Limo felt that these were negligible. As long as they identified the manipulator, things would be fine. Now, Yun Bixue could also leave her house, watch the news and read the newspaper.

Yun Bixue had also felt suffocated. On the other hand, Yun Bilu left the house frequently. She often went around intimidating certain people, threatening them to be more honest.

Since everything was settled, the whole family went out together to purchase goodies for New Year’s Eve. The party was extremely lively.

“This! Let’s buy some lamb chops!”

“Yes, and this! This chicken is fresher”

“Also this Add some cornflour and millet so we can make rice cakes. It offers a more positive meaning”

The women gathered together, chattering endlessly. Xie Limo pushed the shopping cart by the side and observed them. He burst into laughter. If he could, he truly wanted to fly overseas and transport all kinds of organic and green groceries back. However, the women would think that it didn’t feel like a new year’s celebration.