Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Preparing To Send Gifts Together

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While the Xie family cheerfully shopped for new year goodies, the royal families of Ning An City were feeling frustrated. Indeed, Young Master Xie and Miss Yun couldn’t be overpowered so easily.

With the news of Meng Xinyan’s pregnancy spreading around, the royal families of Ning An City had intended to seize this opportunity to direct detrimental comments towards Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue. After all, this was a chance that only occurred once in a blue moon. It wouldn’t take much effort for them to take advantage of this crisis for their personal gains. Young Master Xie wouldn’t be able to suspect them.

They anticipated that Young Master Xie would be subdued by the damaging comments. This would allow the royal families to start anew, and to have a shot at becoming the city’s leader. However, just as they were feeling smug and excited, little did they expect that all the news would make a complete turnaround.

No one spoke a single word of defense for Miss Yun. Instead, they uploaded the videos and the evidence online. The cold, hard truth was presented right to their faces It was more effective than any words spoken.

As long as they weren’t blind or stupid, anyone would be able to distinguish who was right and who was wrong.

Just as everyone was attacking Meng Xinyan on Miss Yun’s behalf, a map containing all the IP addresses appeared online. That map was clear as day, and the location and time each IP address used were marked with an icon. Additionally, the sharing and comments made by each IP address were also outlined in a related diagram.

Looking at this diagram, many of the influences involved turned red with anger. How could Yun Bixue’s backers be so powerful? She didn’t just clarify the truth for herself, but also weeded out all the people who harmed her in the dark.

There was no point feeling furious. They could only convene an emergency meeting once again to discuss the solution to this issue.

“Old Brother Gao, ever since Young Master Xie arrived at Ning An City, our families haven’t had a chance to speak up and lead. Since we’ve already been exposed, why don’t we just join forces and attack Young Master Xie?” a middle-aged man suggested indignantly.

“No way. It’s time for you to work on your fiery temper. The Xie family is rumored to be extremely strong. Although nobody is really aware of their capabilities, we cannot act rashly. Also, did you forget about the Jia and Shen family? They used to be so prosperous, but what happened to them in the end? Within a short period of time, they were simply eradicated.”

When this was mentioned, the masters of the royal families sitting in the meeting room all felt a shiver in their hearts. This was also the reason why they didn’t dare to take action, despite their readiness to cause trouble.

In the beginning, the Shen family had believed that they were Ning An City’s century-old prestigious family. With the Yun family backing them up, the Shen family proposed to join forces with them to tackle Young Master Xie.

The hunter will shoot the bird that sticks out. This mishap fell upon the Jia family simply to elicit a response from the Shen family. Afterward, various events became intertwined with one another. The more they thought, the more perilous the situation became.

In the end, the meeting’s final conclusion was to live on friendly terms with the other royal families. They didn’t want to ruin their household’s future prospects just for the right to speak up.

They discussed sending gifts for the end of the year.

“What kind of things do you think Miss Yun likes? What would be a suitable gift?”

“Ask your daughter. How would this group of boorish old men know what a twenty-year-old woman likes?”

“There’s also Young Master Xie. He doesn’t seem to lack anything. What would be the most appropriate gift?”

These people began to fret over what gifts to send.

After the danger to Meng Xinyan’s health was averted, Chen Pei was still acting cocky. “Xinyan, my dear daughter, eat more. You’re pregnant, and you won’t feel the way you usually do. You must feel happy. Hmph, the news articles are all standing up for you. When you’re feeling better, we’ll sue that Yun Sl*t. Mom will put in a few words for you.” Chen Pei consistently remained at the hospital to look after her daughter. Her meals were specially delivered by her servants. Thus, she hadn’t found out that the news outside had already made a turnaround.