Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Throwing Cold Water On The Trashy Slt

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When Meng Xinyan woke up and found out that she was pregnant, she became intensely haughty. She behaved delicately and fussed over everything. She ordered around many nurses, instructing them to pour glasses of water and change the blankets for her. She was picky about every detail.

There was even a new nurse who ultimately broke down from sheer frustration.

Many of the doctors and nurses were reluctant to take care of Meng Xinyan. Not only did they feel irritated by her, they also looked down on her for the things that she did. If their superiors didn’t keep emphasizing that her baby must be safe and sound, the doctors and nurses wouldn’t be looking after her so closely.

If their superiors hadn’t reiterated that point, probably none of the nurses would respond to her needs. This second Miss of the Meng family might have been born to a royal family, but to the hospital, the Meng family was nothing extraordinary.

Now that Meng Xinyan was pregnant with Su Lenghan’s child, she thought that her status as the Su family’s Young Madam was definitely set in stone. She continued to behave arrogantly, but she also felt scared when she thought about what might’ve happened. She didn’t know that she was pregnant, so she woke up with her scalp numb from fear. Fortunately, her baby was safe, and so was her status.

Using the child to cling onto Su Lenghanhe was hers from now on.

Listening to her mother’s words again, Meng Xinyan was in disbelief. “Mom, is that true?”

“Look at what you’re saying. Would I still lie to you?” Chen Pei felt pleased. Her daughter was now pregnant with the Su family’s flesh and blood, and would surely become their Young Madam. As their mother-in-law, nobody would dare belittle her. Moreover, she still had the Meng family. No matter what happened, she was still the matron of the house.

It was undeniable that both the mother and daughter’s thinking aligned.

“Haha, Mom, Yun Bixue had the chance to experience this too. Haha”

“Be careful, don’t risk a miscarriage. Also, Xinyan, you’re an intelligent girl. As long as you enter the Su family, you don’t have to worry about losing your position.”

As the two of them were relishing in their exchange, they heard someone knocking on the door.

They assumed it was the doctor. Opening the door, they realized that it was actually Meng Xintong. Their expressions froze.

What was Meng Xintong here for?

“Oh wow, you’re here too, Aunt Chen. Second Sister, I’m here to visit you. The internet said that you were hospitalized, so I decided to bring you some fruits. You’re pregnant and can’t risk a miscarriage. If you fall and affect your baby, tsk tsk, I figure your chances will slip through your fingers.” Meng Xintong flashed a radiant smile. Her whole body was emanating excitement and elation.

The mother and daughter pair were making wild guesses in their hearts. Meng Xintong’s intentions were growing more and more strange. Did her brain go haywire? They weren’t even blood-related sisters.

Plus, why did her words sound so uncomfortable to listen to?

“Meng Xintong, did you purposely say those things during my wedding?” Coincidentally, Meng Xinyan had wanted to look for Meng Xintong to settle old scores.

Meng Xintong innocently replied, “Gosh, Second Sister, we’re familywell, we’re part of the Meng family at least. If you claimed that someone was framing you, how would people view our Meng family? That’s why I just wanted to speak up for you.”

In order to not rouse the mother and daughter’s suspicions, Meng Xintong made herself look pitiful. What was happening? This girl was never like this in the past. Her personality seemed to have changed recently.

Meng Xintong took the initiative to sit down and carefully peeled an apple for Meng Xinyan. She suddenly exclaimed, “Oh yeah, I just remembered something! Second Sister, you have no idea how infuriating it is on the internet right now. Everyone’s saying bad things about you. They said you deliberately framed Yun Bixue, and that you probably didn’t want to be together with Su Lenghan. They said you fell down on purpose, and that you were used to being a mistress. They also said you were exposed, that you were so humiliated you took out your anger on Yun Bixue They said you paid for keyboard warriors, and deliberately They also said”

Meng Xintong knew that the two of them were still pleased with themselves, so she purposely came to inform them. It was if she’d thrown cold water on Meng Xinyan’s delight.