Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Continuing Non Stop

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Meng Xinyan gaped; she simply couldn’t respond in time. Her eyes were almost popping out of their sockets, making her current expression look hideous.

She couldn’t snap out of her shock. Wasn’t that sl*t, Yun Bixue, being criticized? She was still getting ready to sue her for what happened.

After pausing for a while, Meng Xintong continued, “Oh, Aunt Chen, the internet is also discussing about you. They pried out everything that you did in the past. I’m furious just from looking at it. What do they mean by ‘hooking up with many men’? Then where does my father fit in with all this? Sigh, that’s why I said these rumors aren’t trustworthy. Someone is even suspecting my younger brother’s parentage!” As Meng Xintong spoke, a cold glint flashed across her eyes before disappearing instantly.

Back then, Meng Xintong’s mother had fallen out with her family. After taking all the family’s properties, she stayed with Meng Xintong’s father. In the end, the Meng family offered all of her mother’s riches to Chen Pei and Meng Xinyan. In the past, she hadn’t thought much about it. Now that she found out about the truth, she didn’t want to hold back anymore.

Chen Pei’s heart trembled, and her face turned pale. She stood up abruptly and chided, “That’s just nonsense!” Just a while ago, she almost lost her mind from all the chaos. Why hadn’t this mess ended yet?

Looking at the smile on Meng Xintong’s face, Chen Pei felt nervous. She didn’t know why, but she used to be able to grasp the thoughts of the first wife’s daughter. But now, she constantly felt that something was amiss.

Moreover, her heart felt guilty. She didn’t know who fathered her youngest son. Meng Xihuai had merely been an easy target back then. In addition, Meng Xintong’s mother had a meek personality and was simple to deal with. It had taken no effort for Chen Pei to gain her status, and thus, she chose Meng Xihuai.

Looking at the suspicious expression on Chen Pei, Meng Xintong laughed. The best had yet to come.

After saying everything she had in mind, Meng Xintong left gleefully. On the other hand, Chen Pei and Meng Xintong felt rather uneasy. They didn’t know what to do.

Moreover, after Meng Xinyan had woken up, the hospital began sending their staff to incessantly coax the Su family to take her home. The hospital had already implicitly relayed their message: They truly couldn’t afford to serve Meng Xinyan. She is the Su family’s daughter-in-law and should return home to be taken care of.

Even if they didn’t want the hospitalization charges, they wanted them to take her home!

Father and Mother Su were frequently being urged, and their complexions were bitter. Looking at how unaffected their son appeared to be, the two older folks could only sigh. Now, they definitely regretted it. If Meng Xinyan’s pregnancy hadn’t cheered them up, they would probably be feeling dispirited right now.

In the end, Mother Su could only send the family’s chauffeur and housekeeper to the hospital to fetch Meng Xinyan. Father and Mother Su, as well as Su Lenghan, never showed up.

In the ward, Meng Xinyan heard that the Su family was coming to pick her up. She dashed outside elatedly, only to meet a chauffeur and the housekeeper from the Su family at the entrance. Her complexion instantly turned blue.

“They’re sending me home with just the two of you? Fat chance! I want Su Lenghan to come and fetch me personally.” Abusing the fact that she was pregnant, Meng Xinyan began exercising her authority.

The first time the Su family came to pick her up, Meng Xinyan wasn’t satisfied. During the second time, Father and Mother Su came down, but Meng Xinyan was still not pleased. She requested that Su Lenghan had to personally take her home.

She created such a huge fuss that everyone in the hospital learned about it. Mother Su persuaded her son every day, but he was nowhere to be seen. It was as though he had become a workaholic.

At the office, after Su Lenghan completed the matters at hand, he would fish out his cell phone to look at Yun Bixue’s name. He wanted to call her each time, but he never did.

In the blink of an eye, it was the 27th of the twelfth lunar month. The Xie family was harmonious, and they had purchased all the new year goodies, excluding firecrackers and fireworks.

Ji Qiongxin happily suggested to buy more fireworks this year and to set off several hundred in one go.

Old Master Yun nodded and agreed. “The eldest lass loves to watch fireworks. Buy more, buy more of them.”

Young Master Xie caressed Yun Bixue’s head and said, “Don’t feel bad about spending money. We should buy the things that we need. My father will be here the day after tomorrow. It’s time for a lively celebration this year.”