Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 274

Chapter 274 Her Influence On Him Was Growing

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Yun Bixue heard that Xie Limo’s father was coming. The day after tomorrow? Although she had prepared her heart for it, she still felt rather jittery.

Xie Limo said to Ji Qiongxin, “Mother, did you see that? When she learned that you were coming, she was even more nervous back then than she is now.”

Embarrassed, Yun Bixue secretly pinched Xie Limo’s waist. Although she had intended to give a pinch, it felt just like a caress.

It made Xie Limo’s body stiffen up immediately. In particular, that gentle touch stirred his mind, making his body turn rigid. Finally, he sighed softly. The influence she had on him was growing.

After the family had a discussion, they merrily purchased the fireworks. In the afternoon, they prepared the food to welcome in the new year. There were buns, rice cakes, and also some desserts.

On the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, the whole family performed a thorough cleanup. Although they had many servants, Yun Bixue wanted to do things on her own. She felt that this was the one year she had looked forward to, and it was also a year where she felt blessed and warm.

Yun Bilu immediately leaped forward and embraced her elder sister around her neck. “Elder Sister, I’ll help you clean!” When they were young, Old Lady Shen would celebrate the new year with other people. The two sisters would stealthily tidy up their tiny room. As they worked, they would comfort and warm up each other’s hearts.

Yun Bilu had her most intimate loved ones by her side now. Thus, her mood was immensely happy, giving her the motivation to work energetically. She was willing to do it all with her own hands.

“Okay, we’ll clean together.”

Finally, the family started getting to work. The servants were responsible for the main areas, while they took over the smaller details, such as the bedrooms.

However, just before they completed their work, the doorbell rang from outside.

“It’s already the 28th. Who could it be?”

“Okay, go and open the door.”

Yun Bilu took the initiative to see who it was. After she did, she realized that there was a fleet of cars lining up outside. She was stunned, and yelled indoors, “Elder Sister, Grandfather, Aunt Ji, come take a look! There are so many cars parked outside the house!”

Her voice was thunderous. Shortly after her announcement, many people started to alight from the cars one after another. They carried gifts of various sizes and appeared to be here to offer them presents.

Astonished, Yun Bilu clicked her tongue in wonder. After realizing who these people were, her expression didn’t look as bright. She knew that these royal families were still secretly trying to harm her elder sister.

On the contrary, Yun Bixue felt light-headed. Each of the gift bearers offered her a gift, and they treated Yun Bixue with kindness and courtesy. They even tried to explain themselves. It seemed like this was related to her dispute involving Meng Xinyan that day.

Yun Bixue responded to them with a smile.

This time, she had taken a good look at all the royal families.

After sending off the gift bearers, Yun Bilu stepped forward and rubbed her elder sister’s face. “Elder Sister, let me rub your cheeks for you. Your face is turning stiff from all the smiling.”

“It’s weird. Why were those people so kind to me?” It felt as if it were a meeting between the chancellors and the emperor.

“Elder Sister, you have no idea. Brother-in-Law helped you to clarify those rumors, but these people were the ones who spread them in the first place. Brother-in-Law weeded them out, and he has the evidence against them. They probably want to make peace with you!” Back then, Yun Bilu had been extremely infuriated. If her brother-in-law hadn’t handled the issue, she really wanted to split Meng Xinyan apart. Since Meng Xinyan claimed that her elder sister had hurt her, Yun Bilu would cause her as much harm as she could. If she didn’t hurt Meng Xinyan, she wouldn’t be able to live up to her words.

After much delay, Su Lenghan still refused to pick Meng Xinyan up. It made her so distressed. In particular, when the doctors and nurses in the hospital chatted in their free time, all of them expressed their displeasure towards Meng Xinyan. Their tones were also filled with intense disgust.

They truly felt that Meng Xinyan was someone who harbored wicked thoughts and was extremely hypocritical. It was really impressive that she could pretend to be the top socialite for such a long time.

Meng Xinyan’s fury escalated. However, she wasn’t aware that her behavior in the hospital had already been secretly filmed and posted online.