Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 275

Chapter 275 The Viral Video

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Once it was uploaded, it went viral immediately. Within a short hour, it was shared almost ten thousand times. Many people viewed it as a joke to cheer up their spirits.

This time, Meng Xinyan became known to every single household. After all, Meng Xinyan and Su Lenghan’s marriage was merely a live telecast. In addition, word of mouth wasn’t as exciting as a video containing the same person.

Meng Xinyan’s behavior in the hospital truly resembled a lunatic. As a horde of viewers watched the video online, they were collectively astonished.

“I said this already. She wasn’t being framed at her wedding. Look, that’s the true personality of someone like her. In the beginning, she must have been the one who framed Miss Yun.”

“Exactly. Look at her behavior. Even a shrew looks better than her. She’s abusing her pregnancy to make things difficult for those doctors and nurses.”

“The staff were good-tempered enough to tolerate her. If it were me, I would have chased her out.”

“Speaking of which, let me tell you something in secret. Meng Xinyan wants Young Master Su to come and take her home. Hehe. In the end, Young Master Su doesn’t seem so eager to do that. It looks like he’s dumped her there.”

“It’s so sad that Young Master Su had to marry such a crazy b*tch.”

“You can’t say that. Young Master Su obviously abandoned Miss Yun back then. I guess he likes women like Meng Xinyan”

A storm was raging online. Meng Xinyan wasn’t aware of this. On the other hand, the doctors and nurses in the hospital all felt relieved after watching the video. It allowed their hearts to finally feel calmer for a while.

At the Meng family’s house, Meng Xintong laughed as she watched the video. She walked to the hall, and purposely raised the volume. Father Meng returned home and heard the loud noise. He asked in annoyance, “Xintong, what are you watching? It’s so loud, switch it off.”

Meng Xintong’s gaze turned cold; this was her extremely biased father. “Father, I saw that someone published some news about my little sister online. I just opened it to take a look.”

“It’s weird, it doesn’t look real at all. My younger sister definitely isn’t someone like that”

Father Meng had initially ignored her, but hearing Meng Xintong’s endless muttering, he walked over. “Let me take a look.”

After Father Meng watched the video, he lashed out immediately. He announced that such a daughter didn’t belong in the Meng family. In the end, he stormed off in a huff without even changing his shoes. Meng Xintong didn’t know what he was planning to do.

Meng Xintong thought that her father might look for Meng Xinyan in the hospital. However, with the doctors and nurses around, he would merely throw a tantrum.

After the Su family watched the video, they were enraged. Mother Su even thumped her chest and stamped her feet. “Tell me, how did our Su family become linked with someone like her?! She’s already pregnant! Can’t she restrain herself? Sigh”

“Enough, quickly get Lenghan to fetch her home. Don’t let her make a spectacle of herself.” Father Su had no choice but to suffer in silence. His Su family had indeed been elitists in the past. They chose the Meng family and abandoned the Yun family. Sure enough, these were the consequences. They couldn’t even tell other people how much they regretted their decision.

Yun Bixue and her family ate while watching TV. The news reported about Meng Xinyan, and also the responses online. They were all criticizing Meng Xinyan.

Meng Xinyan’s reputation was completely tarnished.

Yun Bilu placed her chopsticks on the table and retrieved her laptop. Just as she opened up her home page, she burst into laughter. “Elder Sister, quick, take a look Oh my god, this is that Sl*t Meng! Who’s the awesome person who uploaded this online? The video quality is even clearer than seen through the computer.”

“Let me see, let me see” Ji Qiongxin was the first to take over the laptop to watch the video. She wasn’t surprisedshe had met this person before. Back then, she had already felt that her top socialite status was merely just a pretense. Her true nature was simply inadequate.