Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 276

Chapter 276 28th Of The Twelfth Lunar Month

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Ji Qiongxin said, “This Su family’s judgment is so poor. Since they’ve let this woman marry their son, the Su family will soon start to decline.”

“Su Lenghan has a keen mind for running a business. Sigh, he just can’t see through a person’s true personality!” Old Master Yun felt rather rueful as well. In the past, he had treated Su Lenghan sincerely. He didn’t expect Su Lenghan to abandon him later on.

Yun Bilu pursed her lips and said, “Grandfather, you’re wrong. Not only is Su Lenghan unable to see through people, he has a poor personality too. If he didn’t, would he have done such a thing back then? This shows that he suits Meng Xinyan very well.”

After that, Yun Bilu continued speaking to her elder sister and brother-in-law, “Am I right, Elder Sister and Brother-in-Law? Also, I think that Brother-in-Law is a nicer person.”

Old Master Yun chuckled. “Is he a nice person just because he chose your elder sister?”

“No, but Brother-in-Law is a great judge of character. He has a nice personality, and he’s pretty capable too. Of course, my elder sister is the only one who can match him.”

“Haha!” Everyone was full of smiles. The girl was just secretly praising her elder sister.

With this little dose of happiness, everyone had a great time during their meal.

At night, when discussing the gifts that they received, Xie Limo simply laughed indifferently.

Yun Bixue looked solemnly at Xie Limo. Tugging his sleeve, she asked, “Limo, spill. What’s happening? Is it what I think it is? Are they sucking up to me to make up for the criticisms I received online? Or are they trying to be friendly towards you?”

As she asked, Yun Bixue also pondered. “They’re expressing their fondness towards you because first, they’re afraid of you and truly want to get along peacefully. Second, they’re intentionally trying to mislead you, and then join forces to tackle you together.”

Xie Limo raised his head and looked at Yun Bixue. He chuckled, “Don’t let your thoughts run wild. For the time being, they won’t dare to act rashly. It’s already late, aren’t you tired?” A faint light flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes. If she wasn’t tired, then the two of them could occupy themselves with something else.

Because his wife was implicated in his matters, she would always think and worry excessively.

Yun Bixue muttered under her breath, “Father is coming tomorrow. I’m nervous.” She didn’t know how Xie Limo’s father looked like. Would he be very strict?

“Father has a good temper. Think about it. He’s faithfully indulged in my mom’s lively personality for decades. As long as my mother approves of you, he will too.”

Noticing that Yun Bixue was still deep in thought, Xie Limo stood up and caressed her hair. He said clearly, “Stop thinking so much. Go and sleep, or else you won’t be energized tomorrow.”

The next day was the 28th of the twelfth lunar month. Xie Limo’s father would be arriving. The family woke up early and had breakfast. At noon, they drove out to fetch Xie Limo’s father.

After being forced, Su Lenghan resignedly went to fetch Meng Xinyan from the hospital.

To quote Mother Su’s words:If Meng Xinyan wishes to humiliate herself, don’t do it outside.Everyone treated the Su family as a joke now. For the sake of the baby, the Su family wanted their days to pass by happily. Moreover, it was almost the New Year. They couldn’t possibly leave her outside alone.

During the start of their relationship, he would feel ecstatic at the thought of meeting Meng Xinyan. However, after merely half a year, the same thought made his heart feel depressed and even repulsed.

With regards to the baby in Meng Xinyan’s womb, he couldn’t decide how he felt. As he drove, Su Lenghan’s brows were knitted tightly.

Once Meng Xinyan heard that Su Lenghan was coming to pick her up, she suddenly felt arrogant again. Looking at the nurses who were attending to her, she said tauntingly, “Ha, do you think I don’t know how you’ve gossiped about me outside? Even if you work hard for twenty years, you’ll never have what it takes to become the Young Madam of the Su family.”