Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 277

Chapter 277 The Lunatic Is Finally Gone

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The nurse turned blue in the face. Her grip on Meng Xinyan abruptly tightened, and the latter immediately kicked her away. “Are you trying to kill me with your grip? Aren’t you a nurse? How are you doing your work? Do you still want your job?”

Perhaps Meng Xinyan’s state of mind had already been twisted. The series of events that she would discover later on would make her desperate to tell everyone that she was still gracious. However, her countermeasures would constantly backfire in the end.

In the past, when she still had everything at her feet, she could enjoy them in peace. She could set her mind at rest and put on the elegant demeanor of a top socialite. She had to care about her image everywhere she went. However, when everyone began to criticize and suspect her, her heart felt terrified and uneasy. In the end, she grew increasingly anxious, changing her personality to what it was now.

Since everyone had already categorized her as a wicked woman, she even began to doubt herself. In the end, her apprehension escalated, and she slowly revealed her true nature.

After putting on a perpetual facade over an extended period of suppression, the exposure of her true personality was surely startling and unbelievable to other people.

The nurse simply sat rooted to the ground and stared at Meng Xinyan. “Miss Meng, do you know how hideous you look right now? Nobody is speaking positively about you online. Everyone hates you. If someone offered me the chance to enter the Su family as a mistress like you did, I wouldn’t care! Compared to Miss Yun, the two of you are worlds apart. You’re not even worthy of fetching a pair of shoes for her” The nurse had had enough. After graduating from university, she joined the hospital as an intern. Since she had failed her internship assessment, she couldn’t be converted into a full-time staff. Thus, she endured it all silently. However, after being trampled upon, she couldn’t take it anymore. At most, she would just quit.

“What did you say? How dare a mere nurse speak to me like that?”

“So what if I did? I can just quit my job!”

When Su Lenghan opened the door, he saw Meng Xinyan in the middle of a dispute with the nurse. Her hair was disheveled. She was holding onto a pillow and was just about to smack the nurse with it.

Su Lenghan’s expression instantly turned cold. He yelled, “Meng Xinyan!”

During the wedding, someone had mentioned the things that Meng Xinyan had done in the past. Also, the videos and information related to Meng Xinyan had also been published online in quick succession. Although he’d been disappointed, he’d never felt repulseduntil now.

Nothing could change one’s feeling than seeing the truth with one’s own eyes. This was the woman that he wanted to marry. This was his child’s mother. Su Lenghan’s head throbbed, and he felt completely overwhelmed. Did he really have to spend his future with someone like this?

Once Meng Xinyan heard Su Lenghan’s voice, she immediately released the pillow in her hands. She stuttered, “Leng Lenghan You’re here.” Meng Xinyan felt rather tense and fearful.

Su Lenghan had actually caught her in the middle of a fight!

Su Lenghan pursed his lips, and his complexion was ghastly pale. After a while, he finally said, “Didn’t you want me to take you back to the Su family’s house? Hurry, pack up and go. If you don’t want to return to the Su family, it’s fine. I’ll get someone to send you to the Meng family’s house.”

Hearing Su Lenghan’s icy voice, Meng Xinyan felt scared. She frantically jumped forward and pulled Su Lenghan back. “I I will return to the Su family.” As she spoke, she hurriedly gathered her belongings and rushed outside.

When the hospital employees found out about it, they almost broke into cheers and clapped with joy. However, they pitied Young Master Su. Meng Xinyan didn’t even need to handle the discharge procedures herself; someone approached Meng Xinyan with the forms on his own accord. Meng Xinyan only needed to sign them.

After the couple left the building, the hospital instantly erupted into a sea of jubilation. “That Lunatic Meng is finally gone! Let’s celebrate tonight! My treat! Should we go out and eat something?”

“Sure, I’ll go! I’m not on shift tonight. I’ll go, I’ll go!”

“Me too. We have to hold a proper celebration. Dinner and karaoke, how’s that?”

The nurse, who had gotten into a fight with Meng Xinyan, covered the side of her face that Meng Xinyan had just hit. Her eyes glowed with hatred. She had made up her mind.