Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Never Ending Farce

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The nurse was called Li Wenhui. She graduated from an unknown school and matriculated into medical school through her own capabilities. As she had terrific grades, was diligent and dependable, she was able to enter the most renowned hospital in Ning An City as an intern.

Her colleagues knew about her family background and wanted to help her out. However, ever since Meng Xinyan was admitted into the hospital, many of the nurses broke down from frustration. They could only ask Li Wenhui to attend to Meng Xinyan. Li Wenhui’s patience was admirable. Since she didn’t possess any power, she wanted to be part of the full-time staff. With a decent job, she could earn a lot of money to treat her father’s illness.

However, the more Li Wenhui endured it, the worse Meng Xinyan’s behavior became. In particular, after receiving a beating today, the anger that she had always suppressed surged through her body. She was Meng Xinyan, wasn’t she? Meng Xinyan cared a lot about Young Master Su. In that case, if she tried her best to climb into Young Master Su’s bed, would she be able to knock her down?

At that moment, this crazy thought popped up in Li Wenhui’s head. Meng Xinyan would never have thought that an insignificant figure like Li Wenhui would be the one making her subsequent days insufferable.

At that point in time, Meng Xinyan was sitting in the passenger seat in the car. She was extremely pleased. “Lenghan, I want to eat spicy and sour fish. Let’s have it at Luxury Emperor later. I haven’t had a good meal in a long time!”

“Lenghan, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Su Lenghan didn’t look at Meng Xinyan and simply focused on driving. Feeling annoyed by Meng Xinyan’s hounding, he said, “I’m driving. Also, you’re pregnant. You can’t eat certain things.”

Meng Xinyan immediately grew unhappy. “Who said so? I think you just don’t want to bring me there. Lenghan, do you not love me anymore? We have a child together. It’s your child. Are you unhappy?”

“No. Sit properly.” As he spoke, Su Lenghan knitted his brows. Meng Xinyan was making him feel immensely irritated.

“Then, why are you always looking at me with that cold expression? When you drove us around in the past, you never ignored me! Su Lenghan, you’ve changed. When we were dating, you never spoke to me like this. You never yelled at me before too” Meng Xinyan grew more uneasy and babbled about the past over and over again. She hadn’t learned to restrain herself yet.

The veins on Su Lenghan’s forehead popped up. Glancing sideways at Meng Xinyan, he answered coldly, “Listen, if I were reluctant, I wouldn’t have saved you outside the Snow Cloud Group that day. I wouldn’t have picked you up today too. Do you still not understand?”

No matter how much his heart ached, he thought that as long as Meng Xinyan could change her ways, he would stay with her for their child’s sake.

Thus, he’d made up his mind before he went to the hospital. In the future, he would offer her a sense of security through his love. However, after witnessing that scene, he still felt disappointed. He didn’t dare to put in any hope towards Meng Xinyan anymore.

Right in that moment of distraction, he heard a loud ‘bang!’. An accident had occurred. Su Lenghan snapped out of his daze and looked ahead. He had crashed into the car ahead of him. There was even smoke fuming from the cars.

The traffic lights had turned red, so the car ahead reduced its speed. However, because Su Lenghan was distracted while speaking to Meng Xinyan, he maintained the speed of his car. Thus, it led to this accident.

“Do you know how to drive?! Do you?!” The driver in front of them got out of his car and started shouting at them. He felt upset at what happened to his car.

Helpless, Su Lenghan could only get out of his car too.

Right at that moment, a car drove down from the expressway above. Xie Limo drove, and Yun Bixue sat in the passenger’s seat. Ji Qiongxin and Xie Limo’s father, Xie Yaocang, sat behind.

Picking up the sounds of an argument, Xie Limo naturally saw Su Lenghan on the opposite side of the road. His eyes gleamed with interest. Slowing down his car, he asked Yun Bixue, “Shall we go and take a look?”