Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 279

Chapter 279 Non Stop Entertainment

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Yun Bixue was happily chatting with Ji Qiongxin and Xie Yaocang. When she met Xie Limo’s father, she felt that he exuded wisdom and an air of elegance. He was as gentle as jade and had a reserved nature. He spoke with intelligence, yet constantly indulged Ji Qiongxin’s whims.

Within just a few hours, Yun Bixue even grew to respect him. It was just as Xie Limo saidhis father was great.

Only such flawless parents could bring up a brilliant child like Xie Limo.

She was in the middle of a lively discussion, thus she failed to notice the accident by the side of the road. At that moment, she suddenly heard Xie Limo’s voice. Curious, she turned back and asked, “Go where?”

Xie Limo’s charming eyes gleamed. He answered, “Look out the window.”

She only saw two cars involved in a collision nearby.Hmm? Isn’t that Su Lenghan? Looks like he’s arguing with someone.

In reality, Su Lenghan was already feeling very helpless and frustrated. If he were dealing with a Ning An City citizen, that person would recognize him and wouldn’t want to start a conflict with the Su family. It would be simpler to settle things.

The problem was that the car he’d crashed into was an overseas model. The driver also had a fiery temper. He didn’t know who Su Lenghan was, nor did he know what he was getting himself into.

This driver had amassed a decade’s worth of savings to purchase a more luxurious car. He treated his car like a precious gem. He heard that Ning An City was prosperous and came here for a road trip. Little did he expect that his precious car would be damaged. His heart throbbed so much that his fury burned him inside. Oh, his beloved car!

“Do you even know how to drive? You look decent and proper, so why aren’t you using your eyes properly? Didn’t you see that there was a car in front of you? Sigh, you think you can hit my car just because you want to. Do you think your family built this road? Do you think money is everything? Ahh Look at my car! You’re causing a lot of traffic Ahh!”

Su Lenghan spoke patiently and politely, “This is indeed my mistake. I will compensate you with a new car. Will that be alright?”

The driver paused, and his eyes gleamed slyly. Repay him with a new car? This man appeared to be loaded. However, it still couldn’t quell the rage in his heart. He continued yelling, “Is money everything?! Do you think you can give me a new car just because you want to? You’re looking down on me How can you compensate the time I lost? You’re making me angry. How can I still continue my holiday?”

Meng Xinyan couldn’t take it anymore and got off the car as well. She began screaming, “Don’t go overboard! Look at your shabby appearance! We’re offering to buy you a new car, so you should feel deeply grateful! And who do you think you’re yelling at? Do you think I won’t send you to prison? I’ll sue you, hah!”

“Bah, are you keeping a mistress? No wonder, tsk tsk! Were you getting it on in your car? Hmph” The driver sneered as he checked Meng Xinyan out repeatedly.

Meng Xinyan’s face turned red and then pale. Infuriated, she said, “What kind of bullsh*t is that? I’m his wife. You should watch your mouth!”

“One look is all I need to see that you act like a mistress. Now that you’ve caught him, you’ve even forgotten about your roots. Disgusting Bah!”

Yun Bixue felt rather stunned. After snapping out of her shock, she said, “Why are they even arguing about that? We shouldn’t go over. Father just arrived. He needs to go home and rest.”

On the contrary, Ji Qiongxin waved her hand repeatedly and said, “Let’s go. We haven’t watched something this entertaining in a long time. Let’s go take a look.” She was still fond of watching such entertainment to lift her spirits.

Xie Yaocang looked at Ji Qiongxin tenderly and said in resignation, “You’re already so old, yet still so childish. Aren’t you afraid of being mocked by the children?”

Ji Qiongxin pouted and replied, “When you weren’t here, I got along very well with the children. When I went out with our daughter-in-law, everyone treated us like mother and daughter. You’re jealous that I’m young.”

“Yes, yes. I’m jealous that you’re young.” Xie Yaocang’s tone and demeanor were completely filled with indulgence towards Ji Qiongxin.