Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Fighting Back Miao Zifu

Miao Zifu heard the disdain in Yun Bixue's voice and pursed her lips. "Yun Bixue, you too haven't been living well these few years!" With that, she waited to watch Yun Bixue's embarrassment.

"Miao Zifu, regardless of how I have been, I would still have gotten by better than you." If she had not mistrusted Miao Zifu back then, perhaps she wouldn't have to be in her current plight."

Her university days had been much simpler and were also a period she had wholeheartedly enjoyed. Too bad...

A ray of sunlight shot into the cafe, spilling right over Yun Bixue's body as if she had been encased in a glowing sheath.

Miao Zifu squinted as the rays blinded her eyes. Startled, she gawked at Yun Bixue. "Yun Bixue, did you know? I dislike how you put on a haughty pretense. When you helped me back then, wasn't it to highlight your superiority? Haha..."

Yun Bixue squinched her eyes. "So that's why you helped Chu Fei'er?"

Miao Zifu shook her head. "I did not help Chu Fei'er; I was helping myself. In the past, I took a fancy to An Yexuan first, but I was aware that my family's financial and social statuses were inadequate. Moreover, An Yexuan was fond of you initially. Since I couldn't have him, no one should."

Yun Bixue sized up Miao Zifu's entire form and coolly said, "Maniac!"

"I am a maniac. I am in pain, and you shall suffer too!" With that, Miao Zifu let out a chilling cackle and lurched forward, gripping Yun Bixue's arm.

Yun Bixue gaze turned icy and fell on the ground from the force, glaring indignantly at Yun Bixue. "Ouch... Zifu, why must you... Why must you do that? It hurts..." Yun Bixue clutched her arm as she shouted in pain. In the past, Miao Zifu had framed her multiple times. Did she still think that she would not retaliate? This is giving someone a taste of their own medicine.

Miao Zifu stared at Yun Bixue in horror. She had planned on strangling Yun Bixue and making the latter retaliate reflexively by pushing her on the ground. Then she could naturally frame Yun Bixue. Not only did she hate seeing Yun Bixue happy, she could also gain the sympathy of others.

However, she had not expected that...

"What happened?" A man's nonchalant voice suddenly sounded. The sound made Yun Bixue's heart thump.

"Yexuan, take a look. Yun Bixue wants to abuse me again! She wants to malign me and she..."

Upon recognizing that it was An Yexuan, Miao Zifu straight away acted vulnerably and wronged, as if she was protesting.

Yun Bixue frowned deeply. How unlucky was she to see this bother again? She clenched her jaw while she stood up. She had fallen too quickly just now and had twisted her foot. Even so, she refused to remain in this repressive circle.

Limping, Yun Bixue faltered toward the exit.

"Yun Bixue!" An Yexuan's apathetic voice came from behind.

Yun Bixue did not wish to deal with anyone. Facing the sun rays, she walked outside feeling empty inside. She felt as if her four years in university had all been a dream.

"Yexuan, take a look at her! She always disregards others, and is so cold-blooded and ruthless!" Miao Zifu continued spilling her complaints.

Although her foot hurt, she would still persevere on her course.

She continued walking for a while, and a car abruptly pulled up beside her. An elegant voice came from inside the car. "Get in!"

Yun Bixue took a side look; it was An Yexuan. Her lips curled into a mocking smirk. "An Yexuan, from now on, I owe you nothing and we will merely be strangers. Plus, you will never be able to threaten me anymore."

It was exactly 2 o'clock in the afternoon and the large screens on the streets started airing the Ning An City news.

"With regards to the rumors about Young Master Xie and his lover that had swept the city yesterday, insiders have revealed that Young Master Xie and Miss Yun Bixue indeed have established a relationship. They are undoubtedly a romantic couple... Some even reported seeing Young Master Xie holding Miss Yun Bixue's hands as they exited the Luxury Emperor Hotel yesterday."