Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 281

Chapter 281 The Master Of The Xie Family

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The driver knew that he had gotten himself into trouble for hitting someone. Once he heard that the leader of Ning An City had arrived, he felt afraid and spilled the truth honestly.

Xie Limo gravely offered a few words to appease the situation. In the end, he requested for a government officer to personally mediate between the two parties. The matter was finally resolved.

Xie Limo also offered a word of advice to Su Lenghan, “You should treat yourself well!” Although he didn’t sympathize with Su Lenghan, he still felt that it would be miserable for the latter to stay together with Meng Xinyan.

Hearing Xie Limo’s words, a self-mocking glint flashed across Su Lenghan’s eyes. The look in his eyes was odd. Glancing at Meng Xinyan, and then at Yun Bixue who stood beside Xie Limo, the two of them were truly incomparable. One was like a devil, while the other was like an angel.

This was the person that he had once abandoned. His heart twisted and began to ache.

On the other hand, Meng Xinyan had no clue that she had done something wrong. Instead, she shouted, “No way! I can’t let that person off! Look how he beat up Lenghan. His face is all bruised.”

Unsatisfied, the driver exclaimed, “I wanted to hit you! I had no intentions of hurting that man.” He thought that Su Lenghan’s attitude was still rather cordial. It was all because this vixen lookalike had been so harsh with her wordshe was overwhelmed with the impulse to hit her.

“Hit me? Can you afford to? If it weren’t for you, Lenghan’s face wouldn’t be bruised.” Meng Xinyan only cared about winning the argument, and completely didn’t think about taking Su Lenghan home to nurse his wound with an ice-pack.

Yun Bixue sighed. This was the woman that Su Lenghan personally chose. As outsiders, they had no right to interfere.

In the end, Su Lenghan swiftly grabbed Meng Xinyan’s arm. Applying some force, he shoved her into the car and then drove off.

Since the matter had been resolved, Yun Bixue and her family drove back home.

On the car, Ji Qiongxin began to express her opinion unceasingly. “I can’t believe that someone is actually interested in that woman. I wonder what she’s like in his eyes. Didn’t you hear from the driver that Su Lenghan must be blind? I think he was spot on. That Meng Xinyan is a tough nut to crack. There are so many entertaining matters revolving around the Su family. Out of all the women out there, I really don’t understand why that man chose someone like her.”

Xie Yaocang held her hand and said comfortingly, “Enough, that’s not our business. We don’t have to care about it. Let’s go home and eat.”

“Father, Mother knows that you like to eat dumplings, so she made you dumplings this morning. We’re having dumplings for lunch, and they also contain your favorite fillings. Mother personally prepared them herself; she wouldn’t even let us help.”

Xie Yaocang looked at Ji Qiongxin, and his gaze grew increasingly gentle and tender. His eyes were brimming with his immense love for her.

When they returned home, Old Master Yun also met Xie Yaocang. When Old Master Yun saw Xie Yaocang, his gaze flickered. Xie Yaocang was a prominent figure who dominated both the business world and Ning An City. He naturally had an imposing aura.

This middle-aged man, although possessing a reserved nature, exuded an air of dominance that no one could ignore. He had a commanding influence that no one could deny.

Old Master Yun was astonished. His granddaughter had married into such a powerful household! In the past, he had merely heard of the legends of the Xie family, but he had never seen them in real life.

With his granddaughter’s help, he had met the master of the Xie family, as well as their heir. Now, he felt rather moved. He could die with no more regrets.

Xie Yaocang was extremely courteous towards Old Master Yun. Through his speech and actions, he revealed an air of reverence and refinement. His behavior was a form of respect towards his elders.

Old Master Yun felt rather touched. He completely felt at ease now. He believed that his granddaughter would be happy in the future.

With one more member joining their family, their home grew even livelier. They ate dumplings for lunch, and the meal tasted especially delicious.

On the contrary, the Su family was facing the complete opposite. Since they were welcoming Meng Xinyan back to the Su family, Mother Su prepared a table full of dishes. However, because of the bruise on Su Lenghan’s face, the mother and daughter-in-law got into an explosive brawl once again.