Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Till Death Do Us Part

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“Meng Xinyan, what happened to you? Why are you not behaving like a proper daughter-in-law? Look at what my son had become because of you. It’s all your fault that our Su family has ended up in this state.”

“My fault? Why aren’t you saying that it’s your fault? How is it my fault that your son got hit on his face? He didn’t drive well, so why are you blaming me? Why is everything my fault? Don’t forget that I’m pregnant!”

“Do you think that our Su family cannot do anything to you now that you have a child?”

“What ‘your Su family’? From now on, the Su family belongs to me. I’m the rightful and officially wedded daughter-in-law of the Su family. Also, your son came to pick me up himself. I didn’t beg for all of them to fetch me from the hospital.”

“You You How could you be so rude to your elders?”

“How am I rude to you? If you hadn’t blamed me, I wouldn’t have said all of these!”

Mother Su and Meng Xinyan were in a heated debate. Finally, Father Su sighed and entered the house. Su Lenghan went to his office without even having his meal. The servants frantically lowered their heads as they carried out their duties. They were afraid that they would be affected by the fiery clash.

It was unclear how the reporters found out about Su Lenghan’s accident, and the news eventually published about it. The favorable impression that the citizens of Ning An City had of Xie Limo immediately grew leaps and bounds.

Even the driver involved had commented that Young Master Xie had no airs and was kind-hearted. He had even initiated to help a foreigner settle a dispute, and didn’t show any hint of xenophobic discrimination at all.

Initially, he thought that he would be in a dangerous situation after getting into a fight. Moreover, his opponent was powerful. He had been feeling fearful and regretful. Little did he expect that after some mediation, the issue was settled so easily. His car had also been fully repaired.

“Young Master Xie is amazing. With him as the leader of Ning An City, our city can prosper in the future.”

“Didn’t you read the financial news? Within a short period of six months, our city’s economy index has risen by more than ten rankings. We’re ranked the top few in the world! This result is only possible under Young Master Xie’s leadership.”

“Our benefits as reporters are the greatest. Now, we don’t have to worry about any royal families seeking revenge on us. We can report on any groundbreaking news. It’s awesome.”

“Young Master Xie is indeed a perfect idol. Miss Yun is pretty wonderful too. They are really a lovely power couple, well-matched to each other.”

“Young Master Xie is also very approachable. He treats other very kindly.”

“Didn’t you see him on the day of his inauguration speech? He was drop-dead gorgeous. He’s perfect and too elegant”

Because of this piece of news, Xie Limo won over the hearts and protection of the citizens of Ning An City. This was an event that they had not foreseen. Even Yun Bixue was taken aback. Back then, they merely wanted to check out that entertaining scene. They hadn’t expected it to generate such positive outcomes.

It was beneficial for Xie Limo to be supported by such remarkable advocates. In the coming year, he will take his political career up a notch. The royal families of Ning An City would have to take that into consideration. They wouldn’t dare to take any rash actions anymore.

At night, Yun Bixue leaned on Xie Limo’s shoulder. She asked, “Limo, what do you think? When we’re old, do you think we’ll be just like Father and Mother?”

Xie Limo caressed Yun Bixue’s head and answered, “Are you envious of them?”

Yun Bixue nodded. “I think it would be extremely wonderful for two individuals to accompany each other, stay together to a ripe old age, and have unchanging love for each other.” Yes, she was immensely envious. She hadn’t witnessed such relationships in the Yun family. However, Xie Limo’s parents made her heart warm, and also allowed her to believe in love.

“Okay. After several decades, we will be just like Father and Mother.”

“Would you still carry me on your back?” She still remembered how Xie Limo had carried her home once. Back then, his sturdy back had offered her a sense of security.