Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 287

Chapter 287 Worn Out Heart

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Xie Limo wasn’t adept at whispering sweet nothings. In the past, he had always been respectable and elegant. Someone had even likened him to a celestial being. He was gorgeous, luxurious, and ethereal.

He would only reveal his warm side with his family. In particular, he showed an additional side in front of Yun Bixue. He could be indulgent towards her, or dominate over her. He could also do things for her carefully, and sweet-talk her.

Even though he didn’t feel the need to verbalize many things, he was still willing to do so, to make his wife feel at ease.

As Yun Bixue listened, she smiled sweetly. She looked just like a young lady who was experiencing love for the first time. In a hazy, careful manner, a young lady would fret over every word her lover said. She would also be in great spirits over his every utterances.

She rested her head on Xie Limo’s shoulder and deeply inhaled the elegant fragrance emanating from his body. She clung on, reluctant to part with the smell. She also indulged in the aroma.

Watching how Yun Bixue was leaning adorably against his body, Xie Limo’s heart turned incredibly soft. With a swift movement, he carried Yun Bixue in his arms and walked into the bedroom to turn in for the night.

On the other hand, the atmosphere in the Su family was horrid. Meng Xinyan took advantage of her pregnancy, and threw her weight around. Mother Su could only endure it and serve her calmly.

In spite of that, Mother Su was boiling with anger inside. Meng Xinyan was an eyesore. She could understand why her son had not returned home.

Sigh, why did their Su family take a liking to such a pretentious person like Meng Xinyan in the first place? Even Meng Xintong was better than her.

She simply couldn’t take it anymore. At night, Mother Su nagged incessantly at Father Su. The latter grew sick of listening, and yelled at her, “Isn’t it because you’ve spoiled her? Moreover, we did desert the Yun family and chose the Meng family instead. We have to own up to our decisions. Don’t you repeat those words to outsiders, especially to those sisters of yours. They are also not easy to deal with. If this matter gets out, my Su family will completely lose face.”

Mother Su muttered, “Does the Su family still has any esteem?”

Father Su raged. “What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything. Go to sleep.”

However, she couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard she tried. When Mother Su woke up, she realized it was already after midnight. Her son had not returned. She grew rather worried and called Su Lenghan.

After settling his work, Su Lenghan immediately searched for a five-star suite nearby and slept. He had initially planned to rest in the tatami at his office, but he recalled that it was where Meng Xinyan and him had slept together for the first time. His mood turned irritable, and he then decided to sleep at the five-star suite.

Receiving his mother’s call, Su Lenghan felt rather exhausted. He listened to his mother’s whining over the phoneit was entirely about Meng Xinyan’s flaws. As her son, he was caught between them and was in a difficult spot.

“Mum, it’s been hard on you.”

Hearing those words, Mother Su’s heart turned bitter. Tears almost welled out of her eyes. “Lenghan, it hadn’t been hard on me. I have lived my entire life for you. However, I feel sorry for you. You will have to spend your life with someone like that. What will you do?”

“Mum, Xinyan might change for the better.” Su Lenghan was also trying to comfort himself.

“Lenghan, it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow. Come home with your younger sister. Didn’t our family use to be harmonious too?”

Su Lenghan heard the misery in his mother’s words. His heart felt tender, and he was full of self-reproach. If it weren’t for him, his mother wouldn’t have to suffer such grievances. “Mum, I will go home to celebrate the New Year tomorrow. I will accompany you and Father. I will also fetch Younger Sister home.”

“Yes, yes.” Mother Su finally felt some consolation in her heart.

After ending the call, Su Lenghan thought about the past unwillingly. Back then, Yun Bixue was very respectful to his mother. When the two of them went out, Yun Bixue would always buy gifts and food for Su Lenghan to bring back to his mother. Mother Su hadn’t given it much thought at that time. She thought that it was only natural for Yun Bixue to do all that.