Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Full Of Anticipation For The New Year

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Su Lenghan knew that his mother was a loving parent. Yet, she was overly astute in some regards.

However, he was her son, and couldn’t refuse his mother. After all, she truly loved her son.

After Mother Su ended the call, she sighed. Sitting quietly in the living room, she thought about Yun Bixue. In the past, Yun Bixue would always bring her gifts. Back then, she put on a stance of a mother-in-law. She felt that Yun Bixue had to curry favor with her future mother-in-law in order to enter the Su family. She thought that everything was merely necessary and natural.

However, she supported her son in choosing the Meng family later on. She then grew to look down on Yun Bixue.

Thinking back, she kicked herself over her regrets. There was truly no way in which Meng Xinyan could be compared to Yun Bixueno way at all. She didn’t realize Yun Bixue’s wholesomeness back then, and it was too late now. If Yun Bixue had really ended up as her daughter-in-law, she would thank the heavens sincerely.

Nonetheless, these ‘ifs’ would simply remain as ‘ifs’. Since Yun Bixue had a more brilliant person by her side now, her son could only be stuck together with Meng Xinyan. Even though they were unhappy, they still had to spend each day together.

Mother Su breathed out a long sigh as she rose to walk towards the bedroom. Her back was no longer as upright as it used to beit was loaded with a hint of sorrow and fatigue.

At the Meng family, Meng Xintong used this trying period of time to put on her best performance. Father Meng had finally acknowledged his daughter. Nonetheless, he was still evaluating his eldest daughter’s worth for the sake of his youngest son.

Meng Xintong wasn’t bothered by this. She wanted to see how her biased father would react after she exposed the information she had grasped in her hands.

Faraway in Country E, Noel Harlem University was rehearsing for the New Year’s Party. Huang Yize led the members of the student union, personally observing and guiding them.

Before the sun rose the next day, the entire city began echoing with sounds of firecrackers being set off. ‘Crackle, crackle!’ The noises of the firecrackers were endless, and the whole city was engulfed in a festive atmosphere.

Yun Bixue and her family also woke up early.

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue’s energetic expression and gently laughed, “Why aren’t you sleeping a little longer?”

Yun Bixue lifted the blankets and started to prepare. “Today is New Year’s Eve, and also the day that I have looked forward to the most. I am so excited. I can’t just continue sleeping after hearing the sounds of the firecrackers.” It had been more than a decade since she had experienced the celebratory feeling of the New Year. This year, she had him, a family, and an anticipation for the new year.

Xie Limo watched Yun Bixue in such a jubilant mood and was infected by her cheerfulness. He never thought that he would look forward to celebrating the new year.

Moreover, he had his parents and wife by his side this year. Without those annoying elders from the Xie family, his mood was rather pleasant.

Since morning, the whole family began to prepare their meals. The servants were mostly from the Xie family, and were all celebrating the new year in another living room in the villa.

“Elder Sister, I heard that the rice and vegetables that Brother-in-law had requested his subordinates to send over are all organic and grown in unpolluted lands.” Yun Bilu merrily plucked at the vegetables as she washed them.

“I can do this on my own. Accompany Grandfather instead. You haven’t returned home for so many years, ” Yun Bixue said as she gently shoved her younger sister.

“Aiya, Elder Sister, Grandfather is currently having a chat with Uncle Xie. He wanted me to help you out too.”

Yun Bixue stretched her head and peeked. Indeed, her grandfather and Xie YaocangXie Limo’s fatherwere sitting in front of the table and playing chess. She didn’t know what they were talking about, but they looked amicable. Despite being a distance away, she could still hear her grandfather’s hearty laughter.

Seeing her grandfather in great spirits, Yun Bixue felt truly grateful towards Xie Limo. If it weren’t for him, she wondered what kind of plight their family would be in this year.

Ji Qiongxin, Xie Limo, and Mummy Lu were cooking in the kitchen.

After plucking the vegetables, Yun Bixue lent a helping hand as well. Xie Limo noticed that her sleeves were soaked with water, and said, “Go change out of your clothes. They are all soaked.”