Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 289

Chapter 289 An Episode On New Year's Eve

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Yun Bixue had not even noticed that her sleeves were soaked. She reckoned that it happened when she was shoving her younger sister away.

Ji Qiongxin was chopping up the vegetables by the side as she laughed, “Bixue, that child, Limo, loves you dearly. He’s not as attentive towards his father and I.” With a sigh, she added, “He spends all his efforts on his wife. He isn’t even worried that his mother would be jealous.” Ji Qiongxin’s words were loaded with a teasing undertone.

Xie Limo scrubbed away all the fish scales and gently chuckled, “Mother, you have Father pampering you. Do you still need your son? I naturally have to indulge in my wife.”

Ji Qiongxin’s eyes were brimming with a radiant smile. “Yes, I know you pamper your wife. Your mother does too. ”

This year was the year that she felt happiest. She had extricated herself from the many rules in the Xie family, and could relax and celebrate the New Year with her family. She was on cloud nine.

She owed it all to her daughter-in-law.

Yun Bixue didn’t feel embarrassed. Instead, her heart felt warm. She went to her bedroom, then changed into a fresh set of clothes before going downstairs to resume her task.

In the afternoon, they prepared a huge tub of rice and dishes that filled the entire table. It was a sumptuous display as there were different kinds of mouthwatering food. Everyone in the family demonstrated their best capabilities and put out all their finest dishes.

Hence, the round table was completely filled. Even a hundred people wouldn’t be able to finish it.

Yun Bilu was giddy with excitement as she jumped up and down. “Grandfather, Elder Sister, today’s lunch is too sumptuous. I feel hungry just by looking at it!”

“You can eat soon. There’s also your specialty dishes here. This time, Grandfather can try them.”

“That lass, Bilu, is also a capable girl.” Ji Qiongxin praised.

“Aunty Ji, you’re the amazing one. You know how to cook many dishes. I’ve been immensely inspired by today’s meal. It is also greatly beneficial to my cafe chain.”

“I’m glad that I have been of help. Your Elder Sister will also feel happy for you.” Ji Qiongxin was truly fond of Yun Bixue, and sincerely felt happy for her. She was fortunate to have such a lively and sensible younger daughter.

Yun Bilu hastily snapped a picture of everything, and used her phone to send them to her roommates faraway in Country E. She then put on her elegant skirt, and requested Yun Bixue to take a picture of her. Afterwards, she also forwarded her picture to her roommates.

At that moment, the entire department was gathering for a meal. Huang Yize was on the stage giving a speech.

Xiao Huan and the other two girls checked their phones and saw the picture of Yun Bilu in a skirt. The moment they saw it, they exclaimed excitedly. It seemed like they had forgotten where they were, and had thought that they were in their hostel.

“Quick, take a look! Our Little Lulu can also wear a skirt and look pretty!”

“Let me see, let me see! I’m so hungry. That table is full of food. It’s working up my appetite”

Two of her roommates exclaimed continuously while the other remained composed. The latter tugged at their shirts forcefully, and quietly instructed, “Get ahold of yourselves. Take note of the setting.”

The three of them were thrown into a frenzy by Yun Bilu. After Xiao Huan and Qiunuo regained their composures, their faces turned red. That photo had truly been too shocking, making them lose their self-control.

The two of them bowed apologetically to the crowd and hurriedly sat down. They stole a glance at the president of the student union, Huang Yize, as they wondered what expression he wore on his face.

After Huang Yize was interrupted, he didn’t continue much longer. He simply instructed everyone to start eating before striding off.

“Young Master Huang can’t be angry, can he?”

“I don’t know. Those three are Yun Bilu’s roommates. Did they say that the girl wearing a skirt in the photo was Yun Bilu? Could Young Master Huang be upset over this?”

Because of this small episode, the students of the department began discussing about it, creating a wave of hot debate. Everyone remembered that Yun Bilu had still been around last year. Why was she missing this year?

“I heard that she returned home.”