Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Meeting An Yexuan Again

Yun Bixue was initially downcast but seeing the news being broadcasting on the giant screen, she thought of the person who had appeared by her side recently. Her gaze grew warm, and her bright eyes glistened. The corners of her mouth naturally lifted up into a gentle smile.

Upon seeing the news, An Yexuan's cold eyes brightened, and he startled.

Glancing at Yun Bixue from his side, he caught her wearing a delicately elegant smile. At this moment, she looked as exquisite as a flower, as if all her gloom had receded, leaving only tranquility.

An Yexuan pondered over the news and stiffened, his whole being turned cold. "Yun Bixue, is this the backer you found?"

Yun Bixue snapped back and glared at An Yexuan. "Regardless of whether he is my backer, it has nothing to do with you."

With that, she did not stay any longer and continued her path ahead. She wanted to hail a taxi at the next intersection to avoid further interaction with An Yexuan.

An Yexuan's car slowly trailed beside Yun Bixue, his voice sounded faint and mysterious. "Yun Bixue, do you truly believe that you can marry into the Xie family and that you can stay together with Xie Limo easily?"

Yun Bixue stopped in her tracks and pressed her brows tightly together. Seeing how An Yexuan drove with one hand and perched the other on the car window, she got slightly distracted. He had always been like this--even in a languid state, he appeared coolly elegant.

She squinted and questioned, "Young Master An, what do you mean?"

With that, she flashed a brilliant smile unexpectedly. "In Young Master An's eyes, I have always been the one pulling tricks. Just like what Young Master An had predictedevery situation depends on one's effort. I will hence fight to be by his side."

Yes, Young Master Xie had showered her with shelter and warmth. Likewise, she could also staunchly protect both their families.

No longer wishing to speak to An Yexuan, Yun Bixue stopped a car forcibly and hopped in straightaway. She noticed the driver wore a rigid look and had a scar, but she pressed on to show a smile. "Sorry, but my foot is injured. Could you give me a lift to the next intersection?"

The driver remained silent, but a crisp voice sounded from the back seat. "Lin Yu, stop at the next intersection."


It was only now that Yun Bixue realized that there was already a passenger in the back seat. She peered back but the man was shrouded in the dim light, and she couldn't make clear of his face. He, however, emitted a sinister aura. "Thank you, Sir, for helping."

The car stopped at the next intersection, and Yun Bixue thanked the two men. She left a hundred yuan note and alighted.

Afterward, Lin Yu enquired with contempt, "Master, another person tried to approach you. Could it be Aunt Qin who had arranged it this time?"

It remained silent inside the car. After some time, a light distinctive voice spoke from the back seat. "She is Young Lady Yun from the Yun family. It was her whom my aunt had wanted to matchmake me with."

Lin Yu was taken aback. The car made a hissing noise as it almost slammed ahead unsteadily. "Master, then why still offer her a lift?"

The scandal of Young Lady Yun and Young Master Xie was now the talk of the city. How could she deserve to be near Master?

Qin Huailing laughed lightly. With an alluring voice, he spoke, "I wanted to see Aunt's standards for my lovers, but it seems like it is nothing outstanding."

Lin Yu heaved a sigh of relief. He was unsure if there could ever be anyone in this world worthy of his master and could provide him warmth.

Everyone wished to be part of the Qin family but also feared the current circumstances in the family. They did not know, however, that should Master Qin wish to protect someone, no one would be able to hurt her. That included Aunt Qin, who now wielded full power over the Qin family.